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June 17, 2009 03:01 ET

With iPhone OS 3.0 Launch Tomorrow, OpenFeint Announces Support for Push Notifications and Microtransactions in Applications

Top 10 Games Pocket God(5), StickWars(8), and Codebreaker From Optime to Incorporate Push Notifications in OpenFeint Through Social Challenges

BURLINGAME, CA--(Marketwire - June 17, 2009) - Aurora Feint Inc., the company that launched a series of award winning social RPG puzzle games for the iPhone™, is supporting iPhone OS 3.0 Push Notifications and Microtransactions in its exclusive OpenFeint 2.1 beta starting today run personally by Jason & Danielle, the founders.

OpenFeint's unique Push Notification offering allows developers to add Social Challenges to reengage users. Until now, developers had no way of pulling players back into a game. Push Notifications wrapped in a Social Platform are an ideal way to bring your users back into your game. They provide another avenue of engagement, resulting in cross-promotion that was previously unheard of on a mobile phone.

Microtransactions add even more by enabling brand new business models based on recurring revenue streams, in app purchases, and social content recommendations. As always, all indie developers using OpenFeint 2.1 will have the ability to integrate these new features in a short time and never do any server work.

OpenFeint 2.1 exclusive beta will be available to developers who plan to use push notifications and microtransactions in the next generation of iPhone games coming out in July.

OpenFeint 2.0 general availability was announced last week at WWDC and supported by 250 additional iPhone developers who registered at

Developer Endorsements

Dave Castelnuovo, Pocket God: "The new Push Notification functionality in OpenFeint highlights the reason why we chose to support this platform in the first place. Over time, OpenFeint is committed to making the job of game development easier for small developers. This is the latest step in that process to provide an infrastructure that allows a developer to take advantage of an advanced community feature with almost no effort on their part."

Eric Hartzog, StickWars: "StickWars will include a new gameplay mode that will allow a player to battle for a limited period of time and challenge his friends for top scores. His friends will be notified of the challenge through push notifications, powered by OpenFeint, and they will be able to easily load StickWars and respond to the challenge. These challenges will flow back and forth in near real-time, and be easily visible to players even if StickWars is not currently loaded.

A single-player game inevitably has a limited amount of engagement -- developers can only add so much content to a game. But by drawing from existing social networks and encouraging social competition between gamers, the players themselves create new tasks for one another and new obstacles to overcome. This user-generated content expands the value of any game far beyond what was initially put into it, and continues to expand as the popularity of the game increases even further."

Jason and Danielle, Aurora Feint: "We're excited to introduce Push Notifications and Microtransactions into OpenFeint and have our developer community adopt it immediately. But, even more exciting, is that Danielle and I are personally planning on publishing a brand new game this summer using these features in innovative ways that will push the frontier of game development on the iPhone just as we did one year ago with Aurora Feint: The Beginning."

Product Update: OpenFeint™ 2.1 and How It Works

Push Notifications with OpenFeint allow developers to create game modes that have Social Challenges. These social challenges are akin to "ping pong" matches where a player creates a challenge and sends it to a friend from her OpenFeint friends list who then receives that challenge, competes against it, and sends back a new result and challenge. This back and forth keeps users heavily engaged with a game beyond its usual shelf-life. OpenFeint handles all of the server and client plumbing required to make this work including storage of game play data, delivery and receipt of push notifications, and beautiful client UIs for sending and receiving challenges. Game developers simply wrap an interesting mode of play with the Social Challenge feature and are good to go.

Microtransactions with OpenFeint allow developers to monetize their user base through new content released over-the-air, and through tie-in with our Push Notification service, extends iPromote to social content recommendations, not just applications. An example: Danielle sends Jason a challenge using content purchased with Microtransactions. Jason clicks through the Push Notification and is prompted to purchase the content Danielle selected so he can play her challenge. With one click of a button, he purchases the content and jumps right into the game. OpenFeint enables this flow as well as a web dashboard for uploading new content to catalogs, opt-in push notifications for catalog updates, a beautiful user experience, and a client API for downloading and storing purchased content.

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