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October 15, 2008 14:02 ET

With Its Microsite Generator Technology, Lead Generation Consulting Helps This Directory Publisher Quadruple Its Internet Sales

NOVI, MI--(Marketwire - October 15, 2008) -


Established in 1946, Detroit-based Bresser's Information Service was one of the first publishers of cross-reference address directories in the United States.

Today, in addition to publishing its "criss cross" directories, Bresser's offers mailing lists and direct marketing services. The company is also a leading provider of database management as well as electronic and internet-delivered information services.


Recognizing the explosive growth of internet-based marketing, Bresser's in recent years shifted its advertising from Yellow Page directories to The company also posted a web site with e-commerce capabilities, allowing visitors to purchase its information products online.

For all of its investment, Bresser's online sales were disappointing. The company's web site gained only mediocre rankings on search engines such as Yahoo and Google. And, the costs for listings on did not show results. In fact, the inquiries generated through these marketing channels could be measured only in the hundreds on a yearly basis.


Lead Generation Consulting believed that Bresser's could not only reduce its reliance on, but also boost its online sales by improving its search engine rankings on Yahoo and Google.

To accomplish this, Lead Generation Consulting employed its proprietary Microsite Generator technology to create over 500 microsites for Bresser's, with each providing unique and relevant content to interested prospects.

A revolutionary new rapid web application development environment, the Microsite Generator can generate hundreds or even thousands of microsites. These microsites rank high on the first page of search engines, and serve to increase brand value, drive web traffic and increase inquiries.

For Bresser's, the Microsite Generator was able to build content-rich microsites quickly and cost efficiently by using the directory publisher's existing web site infrastructure.

What's more, by geo-targeting the microsites with select region names, the Microsite Generator was able to increase Bresser's rankings on search engines when geographical key words were entered (e.g., Criss Cross Directory California).


In a short time, Bresser's microsites gained all top 10 listings on Yahoo! Search and won prominent placement on Google and other search engines. The directory publisher's main web site also crawled high in the search engines, due to the linking strategy built into the Microsite Generator along with other proprietary search engine methodologies.

For any marketer, this kind of visibility can only pay dividends, and Bresser's was no exception. Bresser's main website historically receives an average of 4,000 visitors per month. Lead Generation Consulting is driving 35,000 plus visitors per month with room to scale by utilizing the Microsite Generator technology. This is almost 10 times an increase in traffic.

"Our online sales quadrupled, thanks to the Microsite Generator," says Jerry Bresser, President of Bresser's Information Service. "In fact, it worked so well at improving our search engine rankings that a leading competitor called me to ask the secret to our success! We will definitely invest more marketing dollars with Lead Generation Consulting and the Microsite Generator before we spend money on any other interactive marketing solution."

Bresser's continues to rely on the Microsite Generator. With it, Lead Generation Consulting empowers Bresser's by editing microsite content in real time with its content management tool, updates search engine keywords with its meta tag optimizer, and creates new domain names.

Not surprisingly, the success of one assignment has led to several others.

In addition to maintaining its microsites, Bresser's recently commissioned Lead Generation Consulting to redesign its corporate web site.

For the directory publisher, Lead Generation Consulting will also integrate customer relationship management, email marketing and lead management systems as well as a website analytics package into a centralized environment.

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