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Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin

August 30, 2012 14:33 ET

With Millions Projected to Hit the Road This Labor Day Weekend, LA Lawyer Expects to Give DUI Advice 24/7

BEVERLY HILLS, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 30, 2012) - The American Automobile Association (AAA) of Southern California projects that 1.85 million Californians will hit the road this holiday weekend. More drivers on the road correlate to more law enforcement on Los Angeles highways, more DUI arrests, and more drivers needing legal advice from a DUI attorney.

Jonathan Franklin, a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, has a heightened sense of readiness during this Labor Day weekend. This Los Angeles DUI attorney doesn't expect someone arrested for DUI to wait until the start of the work week to visit potential DUI defense attorneys. Waiting until then isn't necessary. Experienced DUI attorney Jonathan Franklin can meet with you and answer your questions about your arrest over this holiday weekend. His Beverly Hills offices will be open for this reason.

You have been arrested for DUI in Beverly Hills, Hollywood or the Southern California area. It's time to put first things first and find solid legal representation in an experienced DUI attorney/criminal lawyer. Choosing the right lawyer for you is an important first step in getting your life back under control.

Just because your breath or blood-alcohol tested .08 or above does not mean that a conviction is a certainty. There may be procedural, mechanical, or biological factors on which a successful defense can be based. For example: the police may have made an improper stop; the breath or blood test may not have been conducted correctly; or the breath-testing machine may not have been in proper working order.

That's why making the choice in a qualified California DUI attorney is preeminent. Make a short list of lawyers who concentrate on resolving DUI cases in the courts of Los Angeles County and start narrowing them down to suit your needs and your budget.

How do I get a short list of lawyers?

You can get referrals from friends, family members or other lawyers. You may also search the web looking for experienced Southern California DUI lawyers who have professional, credible websites.

Many attorneys will invite you to visit their office for a free consultation where you can ask three questions to make your best choice:

Question #1: Do you have experience with DUI offenses in the Los Angeles County Courts?

Following a first-offense DUI arrest, you need to take action to minimize both the near-term and long-term consequences of the event. As a knowledgeable and experienced DUI lawyer, Jonathan Franklin can help you understand the stakes and the potential effects on your future. More importantly, he can provide strong and assertive representation designed to protect your rights and minimize the effect on your life, your lifestyle, and your future. He is a former Prosecutor who now practices exclusively in the areas of DUI and Criminal Defense. He knows the law and is on your side.

Question #2: Can I afford not to have this DUI attorney?

As the saying goes, "Good lawyers aren't cheap and cheap lawyers aren't good." So you need to choose a good attorney with reasonable fees that you can afford. Contact the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin to schedule your free consultation and to discuss all of your options.

Question #3: Do I feel confident and at ease with this Los Angeles DUI attorney?

Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with your lawyer and his or her ability to handle your case. After all, this is going to be one of the most important relationships in your life right now. The courtroom can be a stressful place and you need someone who will put you at ease and make you feel confident that the case can be favorably resolved. Is the attorney available, accessible and not too overloaded to give my case the time it deserves? If the answer is yes, then this could be the DUI attorney to help you get your life back on track.

For a free consultation with the Law Offices of Jonathan Franklin regarding your DUI charge, contact us at 310.273.9600.