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February 23, 2009 18:12 ET

With Stimulus Package Announcement, Six Sigma Training Booms

As Another Stimulus Package Is Created by the United States Government, Six Sigma Training Is Growing in Popularity, According to Google Trends

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - February 23, 2009) - The future for Americans is more uncertain than ever. At a time when Wall Street should have been celebrating the news of the new stimulating "rescue" plan, it actually seems to have had little effect.

The reasoning is fairly simple. As the government's plan to "fix" the economy seems to be constantly changing, many Americans are beginning to wonder if their elected officials actually know how to solve the problem.

Despite all of the changes, one characteristic of the government's plan is always the same... massive spending. Unfortunately, even if the stimulus programs do have any impact, the borrowed funds for these programs will need to someday be repaid (with interest). This debt, when combined with the massively underfunded Social Security and Medicare, will make it impossible for future generations to ever achieve current standards of living.

"When reviewed from a financial standpoint, the United States is clearly insolvent," says Craig Setter, President of Aveta Solution's Six Sigma Online.

"Many companies are becoming increasingly aware of America's poor balance sheet. I think that very few large companies are actually relying on the federal government to rescue them."

"As a result, many companies have recently begun aggressively streamlining their business to improve their bottom line."

According to Google Trends, Six Sigma training and Lean Six Sigma certification has been growing in demand in the range of 25-35% since the beginning of the recession. Similar growth is being seen globally for almost all quality improvement training programs.

"Six Sigma training is allowing many companies to brace for a possible depression. If things start to get worse, they will have a huge advantage over their competition. When the economy slows drastically, typically only the most efficient companies can survive."

Setter adds, "In the past 60 days we have seen huge demand in companies looking to reduce their bottom line. Many employers are looking to improve their bottom line to avoid another batch of layoffs. Others are looking for a long term survival strategy."

"Whether we are in a prolonged recession, a depression, or a recovery... Six Sigma is one of the very few long-term optimization tools available to employers."

6 Sigma training is a strategy originally developed by Motorola over 20 years ago. Its systematic approach identifies and eliminates excess waste within an organization. Once the waste is eliminated, the processes are monitored to ensure that efficiency is sustained.

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