February 25, 2013 09:00 ET

With Topsy Alerts, You'll Never Be the Last to Know

Leading Social Analytics Company Launches New Real-Time Alerting Tools That Instantly Analyze Billions of Social Conversations and Deliver Insights to Provide Early Warning on Breaking News and Trends

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 25, 2013) - Topsy, the real-time social analytics company, today introduced "Topsy Alerts" and "Topsy Reports," two powerful new alerting tools in Topsy Pro Analytics that instantly analyze billions of social conversations and deliver timely updates and early warning on relevant topics, breaking news and emerging trends via email or live dashboards.

With "Topsy Alerts," users can receive immediate notification of a change in activity, sentiment or acceleration in any topic before it starts trending. For example, a news organization might identify breaking news by setting up alerts to track for accelerating conversations around key topics. A brand might get early warning on a major product issue by setting up an alert to detect a large drop in brand sentiment. Topsy automatically recommends appropriate alert thresholds to use based on historical data, such as the usual number of mentions for the terms you're looking at.

As soon as the threshold is exceeded, the user receives an email specifying which topic is taking off, as well as the Top 5 Tweets driving the trend. Users can then easily log in to Topsy Pro to investigate further.

"Topsy Reports" are regular email digests of particular topics that are relevant to senior executives and managers, such as a comparison between the company's brand versus its competitors', or mentions of particular stock ticker symbols. Topsy analyzes all traffic for the report time period and then picks out the top most important and insightful Tweets, News Articles and other media to include in the report. Reports show summary statistics for the topic, information on relative sentiment between brands, and lists of the Top Tweets, Links and Media. Topsy also provides statistics that allow executives to assess the impact and traction a story is getting, so they can put the news in the appropriate context and quickly determine whether action is required.

For example, a marketing executive might want to receive a daily summary report comparing the social activity for their brand to their competitors' so they can get a daily heartbeat of conversation and any important competitor news first thing every morning. A report would arrive at a scheduled time each day including the most important Tweets and Links and a comparison of overall activity and sentiment for each brand. 

"We use Topsy reports as part of our strategy to stay on top of engagement around both our stories and those topics that CIR follows closely," Joaquin Alvarado, Chief Strategy Officer at the Center for Investigative Reporting. "This ensures that we have a record of that engagement and know who the key influencers are in order to develop deeper understanding of our impact."

"Topsy Pro is getting significant traction with brands and media organizations as well as the agencies that serve them. A consistent request that we've heard from these organizations is the ability to monitor all conversations and be proactively alerted with the most important information to their business," said Jamie de Guerre, vice president of product at Topsy. "Topsy Alerts and Reports deliver on what our customers have been asking for by putting the most important insights in their inbox on a regular basis and at the outset of breaking news or trends."

About Topsy
Topsy is a social analytics company that gives you instant answers to critical business questions through real-time analysis of public conversations. Operating the world's only index of the public social web, Topsy is used by some of the largest global marketing, news, entertainment, and financial organizations to get real-time insights into a wide variety of business questions: everything from spotting breaking news and identifying customer satisfaction issues, to gauging response to TV programming and understanding political sentiment. Many of the world's largest brands also use Topsy as their day-to-day social dashboard to discover and track the impact of trending topics and predict future events. Headquartered in San Francisco, Topsy is backed by BlueRun Ventures, Ignition Partners, Founders Fund and Scott Banister. For more information visit:

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