Zeta Compliance Group Plc

May 17, 2012 04:20 ET

Withdrawal from PLUS Stock Exchange

                                         ZETA COMPLIANCE GROUP Plc
                                          (PLUS-Quoted Code: ZCG)
                                    Withdrawal from PLUS Stock Exchange

The  Directors of the Company today announce the intention to withdraw from the PLUS Stock Exchange  on  31
May 2012.

In  light  of  the  decision by PLUS Markets Group plc to close the PLUS Stock Exchange,  and  taking  into
account  the poor level of liquidity and the resources required to maintain the listing, it was  felt  that
the Company should withdraw from the PLUS Stock Exchange at the earliest opportunity.

The  Directors will still keep shareholders informed of progress in the business and it shall  continue  to
make announcements through its website, www.zetaplc.com.

No  alternative  arrangements for dealing in the Company's shares are yet proposed by  the  Directors,  but
alternative arrangements are being investigated and shareholders will be contacted with details of  trading
options at the appropriate time.

Shareholders  representing  more  than 75% of the issued share capital  of  the  Company  have  irrevocably
undertaken  to  vote in favour of any resolution proposing a withdrawal. In light of this undertaking,  the
PLUS  Regulation  team  has  granted  a derogation from the PLUS Rules requiring  the  Company  to  provide
shareholders with an objection period of 10 business days.

However,  for  the sake of good order, the Directors are notifying shareholders in advance of the  proposed
delisting which is to take place 10 clear business days from the date of this announcement.

The Directors of Zeta are responsible for the contents of this announcement.

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About Zeta:

Zeta provides products, services and technologies that enable organisations with large estates
systematically meet their Environmental, Health and Safety obligations. Zeta carries out Risk
Assessment and Monitoring services in respect of fire and water risk management and air hygiene.
Zeta also has a Carbon and Energy division providing technical and strategic consultancy services to
clients addressing increasing regulatory obligations such as Air Conditioning Inspections, Energy
Performance Certificates and a full range of Energy Management Consultancy Services (CRC). Zeta's
Technology division has developed a complete web-based statutory compliance system (ZetaSafe(R)).

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