January 04, 2007 09:00 ET

WITI (Women In Technology, International) and IDC Feature Women and Their Willingness to Adopt Trends in Digital Entertainment

Results Will Be Presented During the Consumer Electronics Show About How Women Are Slowly But Surely Adopting Digital Entertainment Trends

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 4, 2007 -- WITI (Women in Technology, International), the world's leading professional organization for tech-savvy women, recently teamed with research firm IDC to conduct a unique study on the digital technology preferences of women. The results will be discussed during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month. During WITI's Las Vegas Monthly Meeting: Women at Play - Women as Consumers of Entertainment Technology on Tuesday, January 9th, dialogue will surround studies that women are adopting entertainment technology quickly but not quite as quickly as technology advancements.

The survey, based on more than 1,300 women respondents ages 18 to 69, found that while MP3 players and personal computers are popular entertainment platforms, traditional entertainment, such as books and televisions still dominate leisure time and spending. WITI members that were surveyed also had some universal entertainment preferences, with at least 92% enjoying music, TV, movies and photography. In terms of music preferences, CDs were the most popular source with 81% of respondents using them, closely followed by radio at 75%.

Age and economic factors play a clear role in adoption. For example, music download services are used by 27% of all respondents, with 43% of 18-29 years olds using these services. And large screen television viewing was more popular with an older, more economically stable demographic.

Digital photography and photo sharing is the one clear example of a shared experience across all of the women's demographic areas. However, the survey found that interest levels were not the same for videos creation and participation. Only a small number of women are actively watching or creating videos on their PCs. When traveling "on the go," however, the favorite entertainment device among the surveyed respondents is the radio, closely followed by the MP3 player, laptop and cell phone. Conversely, while at home, recreational reading and watching TV and movies are the two favorite entertainment activities for women.

"People attending the Consumer Electronics Show have an opportunity to hear about women who have the money, the comfort level and the desire to incorporate the digital entertainment lifestyle. However, until standards settle down, and compatibility and interoperability issues get resolved, there's perhaps, less of a compelling reason to jump on to the digital entertainment bandwagon than there might be otherwise," said Robin Raskin, columnist at Yahoo! Tech and WITI Advisor. "CES tends to promote an early-adopter approach, so it should be interesting to see the effects of the tradeshow on women adopting progressive trends."

"Our study found that even though these women were constantly staying ahead of business technology, they felt that keeping up to date with entertainment technology was only an option and not a must-have," said Danielle Levitas, vice president of consumer and broadband research at IDC. "Therefore, these women tend to move slowly and be selective when buying new products including televisions, personal computers and MP3 players. Women have the income to spend more on these products, but the constant changing standards and multiple options can weigh down their decision making process. "

"Companies are just beginning to realize that women are major purchasers of electronic equipment for themselves and their households," said Carolyn Leighton, Chairwoman/Founder of WITI. "Additionally, women represent the fastest growing segment of the small business market. Women purchase electronic equipment and technology for their small businesses and often influence those purchases in major corporations."

Robin Raskin and Danielle Levitas will be speaking at the Las Vegas Regional Networking Event from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM on Tuesday, January 9, 2007 at: The Venetian, San Polo - Room 3402. For more information on the conference and sessions, please visit:

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