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August 29, 2012 09:00 ET

WiTricity Granted Fundamental Patents in Japan and South Korea

Fundamental Patents in Field of Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer

WATERTOWN, MA--(Marketwire - Aug 29, 2012) - WiTricity, the technology leader in wireless electricity, announced today that it has been granted patents in Japan and South Korea on fundamental technology for highly resonant wireless power transfer capabilities. With these landmark patents, WiTricity further expands its portfolio to 17 patents granted in the US, Japan, South Korea and Australia and over 270 patents pending worldwide for inventions related to wireless electricity.

WiTricity's first issued patents in Japan and South Korea are based on the same specification as patents issued in Australia and the U.S. in 2010. These are considered to be fundamental patents in the field of highly resonant power transfer. Registered as number 4921466 (granted by the Japan Patent Office) and numbers 10-1136889, 10-1156616 and 10-1118710 (granted by the Korean Intellectual Property Office), they are related to the company's wireless energy transfer technology, which is being implemented by major manufacturers around the world.

"IHI recognizes that WiTricity is a technology and IP leader in highly resonant wireless power transfer," says Sadao Degawa, executive vice president at IHI Corporation. "We are pleased to be a licensee and to collaborate with WiTricity as IHI develops wireless charging applications for automotive and industrial applications."

A recent research report on wireless power from Pike Research found that systems based on highly resonant wireless power transfer will account for over 80% of the $15B of wireless power systems projected to ship annually by 2020.

In the report, which details WiTricity Corporation, Pike Research authors Farouk Balouchi and Bob Gohn note, "Wireless power is beginning to see wide acceptance and will become a ubiquitous form of charging in many applications." The report continues, "The primary advantage of magnetic resonance coupling systems is their ability to transfer power at acceptable levels of efficiency over distances unattainable by conventional inductive coupling… allowing for greater flexibility in orientation and position of the receivers relative to the transmitting coil."

"The granting of these patents in Japan and Korea is very significant, as there is great interest on the part of manufacturers in using highly resonant power transfer for consumer electronics and electric vehicles," notes WiTricity CEO Eric Giler. "We look forward to working with companies in these countries and around the world to foster innovative and exciting new applications for wireless electricity."

WiTricity has implemented the unique highly resonant wireless power transfer technology described in these patents in many applications such as electric vehicle charging, wireless charging of smart phones and tablet computers, implanted medical devices, and LED lighting. The company provides both technology and consulting services to its licensees to help them effectively implement wireless energy transfer. Details on these and other patents can be found on the WiTricity website.

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