March 28, 2011 01:15 ET

WLAN Revenues Surpass $5 Billion in 4Q10; 3Com Acquisition Takes HP Networking to Number 2, Says In-Stat

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - March 28, 2011) - From 3Q10 to 4Q10, worldwide Ethernet port shipments grew 1.1% from 96.8 million ports to 98.0 million ports. Revenues increased 2.1% as they rose from $4.96 billion in 3Q10 to over $5 billion in 4Q10, according to In-Stat (

"Cisco continues to dominate the Ethernet switch market adding to market share by almost 6% in 2010," says Brad Shaffer, Analyst. "After a big 3Com acquisition, HP Networking follows Cisco in revenue-based market share. Juniper Networks added to its market position as well gaining almost 55% from the end of 2009."

Top 10 revenue market share data includes:

2009 Revenue (000s)   2010 Revenue (000s)
Company     Company  
Cisco $10,559,983   Cisco $14,085,110
3Com $841,868   HP Networking $1,565,660
HP ProCurve $830,674   Brocade $602,053
Brocade $588,572   F5 $464,281
H3C $409,124   Juniper Networks $373,523
F5 $375,848   D-Link $350,884
Extreme Networks $277,779   Extreme Networks $332,680
D-Link $267,388   Alcatel-Lucent $273,761
Alcatel-Lucent $233,802   3Com $251,319
Juniper Networks $191,392   HP ProCurve $242,269
4Q09 Revenue (000s)   4Q10 Revenue (000s)
Company     Company  
Cisco $2,946,868   Cisco $3,545,569
HP ProCurve $236,471   HP Networking $588,151
3Com $224,627   Brocade $184,107
Brocade $145,879   F5 $129,952
H3C $128,147   Juniper Networks $117,419
F5 $109,646   D-Link $89,153
D-Link $87,292   Extreme Networks $83,645
Extreme Networks $78,464   Alcatel-Lucent $80,316
Juniper Networks $73,972   Cisco Small Business $49,264
Alcatel-Lucent $60,295   Enterasys $44,438

Recent In-Stat research, 4Q10 Ethernet Switch Tracker: By Region, Form Factor, Wire Speed, OSI Layer, and Vendor (#IN1105030LS), provides highly detailed segmentation of the worldwide Ethernet switch market for the current and seven preceding quarters, breaking down port shipments and manufacturers' revenues by all the following categories:

  • Region (North America, EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and CALA).
  • Form Factor (Fixed, Modular).
  • Wire Speed (Fast, Gigabit, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet).
  • OSI Layer (Unmanaged, Web Smart, L2, L3, and L4-7).
  • Vendor (18 Vendors).
  • In-Stat's 4Q10 Ethernet Switch Tracker is an Excel pivot-table deliverable with over 7000 individual data points, and 18 detailed data tables.

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