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Wolf Medical Systems Corporation

October 17, 2006 08:00 ET

Wolf Medical Systems Congratulates Continuum Medical Care, Named as a Finalist in the 2006 Canadian Information Productivity Awards

Continuum Medical Care Increased Revenue, Improved Efficiency, Lowered Overhead Costs, and Improved Patient Care in First Year in Operation through Electronic Medical Record Software from Wolf Medical Systems

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 17, 2006) - Wolf Medical Systems, a leading national provider of electronic medical records (EMR) software for physician offices and medical clinics across Canada, today announced that Continuum Medical Care is a 2006 Finalist Achievement award recipient for the Canadian Information Productivity Awards and will compete for the 2006 Awards of Excellence at the CIPA Gala Banquet in Toronto on November 1, 2006.

Continuum Medical Care offers access to a comprehensive range of public and private healthcare services in a state-of-the-art 6,500 square foot medical facility in West Vancouver, B.C. With over thirty-five family physicians, specialists and allied health care providers in one facility, Continuum provides it's "Public Plus" health care to over 45,000 patients and is one of the largest medical practices in British Columbia.

Continuum Medical Care was selected as one of this year's finalists based on an entry which outlined its use of electronic medical record (EMR) software. Continuum made a business decision prior to opening their doors in 2005 to implement EMR software on Toshiba Tablet PCs to help transform the way medical care is delivered to their more than 45,000 patients in North and West Vancouver.

Since opening in September 2005, Continuum has seen the following impact directly related to the use of EMR software from Wolf Medical Systems:

Improved Customer (Patient) Service

- Patients can access Full Service Family Practices, a Walk-In Clinic, a Travel Medicine Clinic, a variety of Allied Health Care Providers, a Corporate Health Service, and a wide array of Specialists - all in the same facility;

- Practicing medicine is safer, and the potential for errors is reduced; medication interactions are detected automatically and prescriptions are printed in a legible format to be sent to pharmacies;

- Patients experience reduced wait times;

- Laboratory and other investigations are quickly seen and easily displayed for patient education;

- Patients can be seen seamlessly by a variety of physicians with full continuity of their care between their family physician and other health care providers including the walk in clinic;

- Rapid and comprehensive access to diagnostic services such as stress testing, ECG's, and a variety of other cardiology and diagnostic services.

Cost & Time Savings, Efficiency Improvements

- Continuum has seen a 25% growth in registered patients through 2006; they are able to book more appointments and see more patients by utilizing their 18 examining rooms maximally through 12 hours of service daily. With wireless tablet PC's physicians can utilize any free examining rooms at all times and staff can track patients throughout the facility;

- Physicians have seen significant overhead reductions of up to 10-14% for some physicians and 5-7% for most physicians as a result of the enhanced efficiency;

- Staff are able to easily process the vast information flow of 45,000 registered patients and eliminate the associated paper processing as information arrives digitally and is electronically filed in patient's charts.

Increased Revenue

- Private revenues climbing from delivery and payment tracking of un-insured services such as screening complete physical exams;

- Growth in corporate health services through seamless access to allied health care professionals and diagnostic equipment;

- With a patient roster of 45,000 patients the facility has been attractive for clinical medication and device trials;

- Profitable after 1 year in operation;

- Have reduced recent staffing requirements by 50% with the introduction of each new physician as a result of the efficiencies of using EMR.

Improved Efficiency of Many Routine Tasks

- Physicians have seen savings of up to 2 hours daily in the routine tasks of practicing medicine;

- It now takes seconds to do what took enormous amounts of time previously: referral letters are automatically generated using patient visit notes from within the system; patient medical summaries are automatically generated: medications and laboratory ordering are automatically entered into the chart at the same time as patients receive their prescriptions and laboratory requisitions;

- Time to receiving lab results has dramatically decreased often by days, with electronic delivery and processing.

Increased Organizational Effectiveness

- Only one scheduler is required to manage schedules for over 30 physicians and allied health care providers;

- With EMR the system can manage over 400 calls and over 100 patient messages per day;

- It is easy and seamless for staff and physicians to communicate with eachother either urgently or routinely in a time shifted manner throughout a 6,500 square foot facility: no need to leave one's work space to interact with other staff or professionals;

- Physicians can electronically access patient information off site, at home or even out of the country which maximizes office space use and provides timely processing of patient results, even if a physician is not on duty;

- Reduced need for chart storage means at least 2-3 extra exam rooms for patients.

"To be recognized by CIPA as a finalist for our work with electronic medical records technology is an honour, considering CIPA is the premier information-technology and innovation awards program in Canada," says Bryce Kelpin, medical director, Continuum Medical Care. "It is rewarding to have our efforts to improve our enterprise through innovative technology acknowledged on a national scale."

"Continuum is an excellent example of how electronic medical record software can bring tangible benefits at both the business level and at the level of improving patient care," commented Brendan Byrne, President and founder, Wolf Medical Systems. "Bryce Kelpin and his team at Continuum exemplify a new approach to the practice of family medicine in Canada; it's been exciting to work with them as they strive to revitalize the practice of medicine for family physicians while delivering excellent services to their patients. Everyone at Wolf joins me in congratulating them on this significant achievement."

"CIPA is pleased to acknowledge Continuum Medical Care's accomplishment," said Norm Kirkpatrick, President and CEO of CIPA. Continuum Medical Care has capitalized on EMR software from Wolf Medical Systems and Toshiba Tablet PCs to increase the efficiency or their practice, to obtain operational improvements, and to enhance patient care in North and West Vancouver, BC."

About Continuum Medical Care

Continuum Medical Care, established in 2005, offers access to a comprehensive range of public and private healthcare services in a state-of-the-art 6,500 square foot medical facility in West Vancouver, B.C. With more than 45,000 patients and over thirty-five family physicians, specialists and allied health care providers in one facility, Continuum is one of the largest medical practices in British Columbia. Continuum's 'Public Plus' philosophy aims to offer patients all the benefits of the public health care system with the option to complement their current public healthcare coverage with services not covered by the medical services plan, such as corporate and advanced preventative examinations, travel medicine and cast services, cosmetic services, MSP funded diagnostic services and non-MSP funded diagnostic testing including MRI and CT scanning facilities. Continuum seeks to deliver a modern, new approach to integrated health care for all Canadians. For more information about Continuum Medical Care, visit www.cmcare.ca.

About Wolf Medical Systems

Wolf Medical Systems is a leading national provider of electronic medical records (EMR) software for physician offices and medical clinics across Canada. Founded in 1998, the company has more than 325 installed sites in Canada and more than 1100 physician users nationwide. Wolf's EMR software includes a complete set of physician-designed applications that automate the unique processes of billing, scheduling, workflow planning and clinical practice for physician offices and medical clinics within the context of each province's unique regulatory environments. Wolf software works the way physicians and medical personnel work, helping them automate manual processes, reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and improve the quality of patient care. Wolf is committed to elevating the standard for patient care in Canada through the adoption of EMR. For more information on Wolf Medical Systems, visit www.wolfmedical.com.

About the Canadian Information Productivity Awards

CIPA is Canada's oldest and largest awards program in the field of information technology and the premier showcase for Canadian IT and innovation. The mission of CIPA is to recognize and celebrate excellence that fosters innovation and enhanced global competitiveness in Canada. This is achieved through recognizing organizations that have successfully developed and implemented innovative IT-based projects in the areas of customer care, operations and efficiency, organizational transformation and exceptional innovation that achieve significant productivity gains for their organizations.

Winners of the annual competition gain national and international recognition at the CIPA Gala Banquet in November and through extensive media exposure and on www.cipa.com.

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