Wolf Medical Systems Corporation

Wolf Medical Systems Corporation

March 14, 2007 08:00 ET

Wolf Medical Systems to Provide Electronic Medical Record Solution to the Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network in Alberta's Northern Light Health Region

New Primary Care Network Chose Wolf to Deliver Higher Standard of Patient Care and to Increase Efficiencies in Administration of Care for Rapidly Growing Population in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(CCNMatthews - March 14, 2007) - Wolf Medical Systems, Canada's largest independent EMR provider of electronic medical records (EMR) software exclusively for physician offices and medical clinics across Canada, today announced that the Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network (PCN) in Alberta's Northern Light Health Region has selected Wolf Medical Systems to provide a hosted EMR solution for Billing, Scheduling, Clinical and Information Integration. The Wood Buffalo PCN team has utilized EasyNetworks Inc. from Edmonton, Alberta to install an integrated system that will initially link eight of the physicians in Fort McMurray and the PCN office into a single, comprehensive primary care network.

The PCN is a joint venture between the health region and the family physicians with the goal to provide and coordinate comprehensive primary care services for patients. One of the strategies of the PCN is to move to a one vendor EMR among the physicians. The PCN encompasses thirteen clinics - including the PCN Clinic and twelve physician clinics in the Fort McMurray area - located within the Northern Light Health Region located in the Fort McMurray area, formed with the goal of improving patient care by helping increase efficiencies and allowing physicians within the network to better coordinate and integrate their work. With the population of Fort McMurray and the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo on the rise, the area is aggressively focused on initiatives to address the patient care needs of its rapidly expanding population.

The Wood Buffalo PCN Clinic operates from a central clinic site in downtown Fort McMurray and functions as an extension of the PCN physicians' clinics by bringing together an interdisciplinary team of fifteen health professionals to work with physicians and their patients to provide coordinated, comprehensive care. Together the PCN clinic team and physicians deliver team-based collaborative care including Chronic Disease Management (with an initial focus on diabetes and heart disease), Geriatric and Palliative Care. The PCN Clinic team receives referrals from the physicians' offices and integrates care for patients in the targeted areas, assisting patient with navigating through the health system. The PCN also links with specialists and other health and community services.

In addition to meeting all of the EMR requirements for the PCN, four of the PCN physicians were already Wolf EMR users prior to Wolf being selected as the EMR vendor of choice. The PCN required a long-term EMR partner with a track record of customer care and customer responsiveness in Alberta and recognized that Wolf is an innovative EMR organization that is open to responding to the growing and changing needs of the physician and health community.

Commented Brenda Regehr, Director of the Wood Buffalo Primary Care Network, "Because we are short physicians in an area that is growing rapidly, we have to maximize the efficiency of the resources we have while planning for continued growth in both the population and the physician and healthcare professionals that serve them. We need to do everything we can to improve the linkages between physicians, specialists, and the regional health region. Collaboration and coordination is critical to getting the right information to the right person at the right time."

The Wolf EMR system will ensure the flow of patient information between the PCN physician offices and the PCN Clinic and will ensure the delivery of a true team-based collaborative approach to patient care. Continued Regehr, "We believe that by selecting a single vendor to support the doctors in the Wood Buffalo PCN that we'll also be able to make the process of collecting key patient information including patient demographics, allergies, medications, and pre-existing conditions in the EMR much easier for physicians."

"Our immediate priority is to formulate a training plan that will support the physicians and other health professionals as they make this transition," added Regehr. "The physicians are already very busy; we believe that for the EMR to succeed in our region the move from paper to electronic records must be as seamless as possible. We are working very closely with the team at Wolf to develop a turn-key training program for every new doctor who joins the network. We currently have 15 family physicians in the Wood Buffalo PCN; to service the existing population of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo we will need over double that number of doctors.(1) The PCN will work with Wolf to have an ongoing training program available to make it easy for new doctors to just step right into the EMR and immediately see the benefits."

Wolf Medical Suite 5.1, which is fully VCUR-certified, will provide the following capabilities in a hosted environment to the Wood Buffalo PCN:

- Wolf Billing: fully integrated with Wolf Scheduling and Wolf Clinical, Wolf Billing supports private insurance and out-of-province billing;

- Wolf Scheduling: supports their requirement for multi-site and multi-physician scheduling across the 12 clinics;

- Wolf Clinical: a complete EMR for patient demographics, problem lists, encounter notes, medical summaries, family history, allergies, treatments, medications, orders, lab results, referrals, calls, and charts;

- Wolf Chronic Disease Management (CDM): clinical tools to proactively manage and track patients with complex diseases including asthma, congestive heart failure, depression, hypertension, and diabetes;

- Information Integration: the EMR suite will integrate externally-generated information such as labs, DI, test results, and discharge summaries.

- Wolf will provide for patient information access from both the PCN Clinic and the physician offices within the PCN; as patients move between these entities there will be no need to re-enter patient information, leading to greater efficiency and a continuum of care across healthcare providers within the PCN.

Since becoming one of the original four Physician Office System Program (POSP) approved vendors in 2002, Wolf Medical Systems has grown into one of the leading EMR vendors in Alberta with almost 200 installations in all regions of the province. Wolf applications have been certified VCUR-compliant in all rounds of conformance testing since the program began in October 2001; Wolf is also pleased to be one of only a few vendors who have also passed the conformance testing for the hosted version of Wolf Medical Suite.

About Wolf Medical Systems

Wolf Medical Systems is a leading national provider of electronic medical records (EMR) software for physician offices and medical clinics across Canada. Founded in 1998, the company has hundreds of installed sites and thousands of physicians and allied healthcare users across Canada. Wolf's EMR software includes a complete set of physician-designed applications that automate the unique processes of billing, scheduling, workflow planning, chronic disease management and clinical practice for physician offices and medical clinics within the context of each province's unique regulatory environments. Wolf software works the way physicians and medical personnel work, helping them automate manual processes, reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and improve the quality of patient care. Wolf is committed to elevating the standard for patient care in Canada through the adoption of EMR. For more information on Wolf Medical Systems, visit www.wolfmedical.com.

(1) According to a 5-10 Year Human Resources report released by AON in November 2006, the Fort McMurray area presently requires 33 family physicians and an estimated total of 49 family physicians for this area by 2011. Currently there are 15 family physicians.

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