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November 29, 2011 10:30 ET

Women Entrepreneurs HQ Online Show-7 Reasons Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs!

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 29, 2011) -

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According to a 2011 survey conducted by American Express, American women are launching new businesses at 1.5 times the rate of the national average. In Canada, women are creating not only jobs, but entire companies, at double the rate of the national average."Women are paving the way to a brand new breed of successful entrepreneurs, because women have some undeniable skills that make them excellent business owners", according to Krizia (Miss K), who is the executive producer and host of the Women Entrepreneurs HQ Online Show.

1. Women are multi-thinkers

Women's talents to multi-task and multi-think are legendary! It's in our DNA and that is what ensures that women can always be attentive to the need of their kids even if they are deeply focused on other activities. In the business world, this means that women can easily have a conversation at an event with one group of people, be intently engrossed in it, and yet tune in word perfect to two other conversations at the same time! Let's face it, running a small business calls for the ability to do several things concurrently and women are born with the ability to focus on more than one thing at one time, which men don't.

2. Women are abstract thinkers and creative thinkers

Women are generally more comfortable with abstract thinking than men. And the ability to be an abstract thinker is one of the key ingredients of what makes an entrepreneur great. Abstract thinking is about all that "touchy feely stuff" - where women can make a decision on how she "feels" about something without always having all the facts, while this concept is almost foreign to men who are wired to make decisions on hard facts. As creative thinkers women are willing and comfortable thinking "outside the box" which is often quite essential as an entrepreneurs building a business.

3. Women are more about inclusion instead of competition

Women by nature have an "egalitarian" way of communicating where they feel it's important to include everyone's opinion as opposed to imposing one opinion. Most Western men don't approach communications in that way. That said, it seems to be the way of doing business in Japanese, as Japanese men are more willing to approach communication is that same egalitarian fashion.

4. Women want to make sure their team is happy

Women are nurturers by nature and for most women they are genuinely concerned about the people around them. This idea of wanting to take care of others ensures that women make for caring bosses who really want to see their team thrive and be happy. It's not only about their success as the business owner, but it's about the success of the entire team.

5. Women value personal development

It's no secret in the personal development arena that women buy most of the personal development products and we also account for 60% to 70% of the attendants at live seminars. Women are willing to learn and become more well adjusted in their role as leaders and business owners.

6. Women have natural people skills

Relationship building is an essential skill for an entrepreneur and women tend to build relationships quickly and effortlessly. Since good relationships with clients, vendors and peers are the foundation of any successful business, women come on top at this!

7. Women are better listeners

Women are great listeners and they are also great at picking up on non-verbal cues faster than men. Since the important keys to a successful small business are listening, understanding and responding to your clients needs, women are excellently equipped for this task. The best way to really understand your clients' needs is to listen and try to find out what their pain points are. Women have apathy and they are also wired to want to take care of others and ease their pain. Because women are excellent as listening with their full attention, they are able to pick-up on many cues men miss.

"Women entrepreneurs' contribution to the current economy of most industrialized countries is undeniable - and I believe this is just the beginning. Women are creating jobs and injecting more money back into the economy than ever before. In the few decades since women have been able to go into business for themselves we've shown that we can truly be trailblazers", noted Krizia.

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