March 02, 2009 08:00 ET

Women Flock to Bellyfit® and Defy Recession With Healthy Minds, Bodies, and Wallets

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - March 2, 2009) - Bellyfit, the evolution of fusion fitness for women, is providing instructor training courses in 13 cities across Canada, empowering women financially and physically. Bellyfit Instructors are in high demand and supplement their incomes, while participants overcome stress and fear caused by the economic crisis.

"Bellyfit connects women to their primal feminine while delivering a potent, holistic workout. Blending the power and wisdom of ancient cultures with the research and trends of the modern world: Belly Dance, Bollywood, African Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and a visionary musical soundscape are blended together within the framework of precision fitness," explained Alice Bracegirdle, Bellyfit Founder and CEO. "Women become connected to their power in a profound way. In these tumultuous times, every woman of every age, background, religion and fitness level must be in her full power."

Only a few years ago, Alice was a single mom on welfare escaping an abusive relationship. Inspired to heal and financially empower herself, she fused her expertise in holistic health, fitness, dance, music and yoga - Bellyfit was born. Now the owner of this successful company, she is facilitating similar success for others while setting new standards in women's fitness. Bellyfit merges exercise and celebration, women can't get enough.

The demand for Bellyfit is unmet and untapped.

"Once women get a taste of Bellyfit, they want more. Much more," said Monique Salez, Bellyfit Instructor, "I can't keep up with the demand. In this economic climate many families are under incredible financial and emotional stress. When mom feels healthy and happy so does the entire family. Classes are affordable so women can practice several times a week. I love that I'm earning money to help women de-stress, re-energize and let loose!"

"The Bellyfit training is powerful. The course is a great source of information on fitness, dance, spirituality, business and how to blend it all together to make myself, other women and the world stronger," said Taiya Curle, Bellyfit Trainee.

Get Ready Canada. Bellyfit: Strong Women, Strong World.

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