SOURCE: Humanitarian Stanley Tomchin

Humanitarian Stanley Tomchin

November 24, 2014 22:46 ET

Women in Africa Empowered by Stanley Tomchin's Generosity

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwired - Nov 24, 2014) - The Community Action Fund for Women in Africa (CAFWA) has applauded avid philanthropist Stanley Tomchin for his generous contributions to the organization. Over the span of last two years, Tomchin has made four major donations amounting to a total of $45,000, empowering African women in post-conflict areas by funding agricultural, educational, and entrepreneurial programs. As a result, many of the women are now financially independent, capable of defining their own futures, and have become valued members of their communities. Local governments also benefit from the donations as they received funds for their community-based programs, initiating a change, which many African regions desperately need.

Along with his younger sister Joy, Stanley has dedicated his time and money to helping local charities as well as larger organizations. A Nevada resident, he has always invested generously in the state's health, education, and quality of life sectors to drive the necessary changes to the community. Geographical boundaries never stopped Stanley, as he gladly supports numerous international initiatives like CAFWA. "Playing backgammon during my teens allowed me to travel to different parts of the world, which opened my eyes to other civilizations that were hardly as fortunate as ours in the United States," said the professional games player. "Thanks to my successful career, I found myself in a situation about 20 years ago that allowed me to take initiative and lend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate."

In 2014 alone, Stanley Tomchin has donated a considerable financial support to different charities, including Las Vegas' Three Square, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, The Safe Nest, and Boston's Healing Our Community Collaborative (HOOC). However, Stanley has a soft corner for the Community Action Fund for Women in Africa, a charity he has been supporting for over four years via the Tomchin Family Foundation. In December 2010, he joined forces with CAFWA, allowing many African women like the then-21-year old Grace in Northern Uganda, to learn basic financial skills and receive small loans. Grace later became the successful owner of a used clothing store, which, in turn, helped her fight against poverty. She sends her thanks to Stanley and CAFWA as they helped her send her children to school and, most importantly, ensured that her family is now living a life of dignity with a positive outlook into the future.

Stanley Tomchin started his career as a professional games player in chess and backgammon based on his inherent gaming talent and mathematical skills. Today, Stanley is a well known and respected resident of Nevada, who is known for his continuous contributions to local and international charitable organizations. Spending his time between his family and charity after retiring from a successful gaming career, he and his sister Joy are always the first to donate to ensure the health and welfare of people in Nevada and around the world. Whenever he can get time off, he indulges his passion for tennis at Las Vegas' tennis foundation, an organization that mentors children on life and other important aspects through sport and educational programs.

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