February 28, 2007 08:00 ET

Women's Careers Finding Web 2.0 Options at HR OptIn

Online Community a Virtual Hub for New Career Roles as Independent Consultants

ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 28, 2007 -- You've heard about the new era that is sweeping the World Wide Web? Dubbed Web 2.0, this online revolution is all about sharing: be it a personal page at MySpace, a video on YouTube, a podcast or a blog. Now, a Website called HR OptIn has brought the power of Web 2.0 to working women, or more specifically, to women who used to be working for some of the top organizations in America but who took time off to care for a child, a parent, or to raise a family.

HR OptIn was created to help talented women opt back in to their chosen profession by sharing ideas and knowledge at a virtual online HQ. In this case, the chosen profession is Human Resources or HR for short, a department you'll find at most mid-to-large size companies. HR OptIn, and its parent company, Atlanta-based Incite Strategies, Inc., already has relationships with some of the nation's premier HR departments at Fortune 1000 companies across America.

The HR OptIn Website serves as an on-ramp to flexible, project-oriented career opportunity by employing the best practices of Web 2.0. First there is a Reading Room where community members can read articles written by their peers as well as create and upload their own stories and "Expert Guides." Each article or guide can be voted on by others -- thumbs up or thumbs down. More than just one blog at, visitors can read several, a virtual community of experts whose ideas are channelled into a feed that site users can subscribe to. HR OptIn members can also share bookmarks to their favorite Web hot spots. Giving back to society, HR OptIn will also donate a portion of its revenues to the charities selected by the group.

HR OptIn was founded by Monique A. Dearth, recently named one of the "2007 Enterprising Women of the Year" by Enterprising Women Magazine. In 2004, Monique was profiled by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of "40 of Atlanta's Most Promising Young Stars under age 40." An HR wunderkind for GM and GE, Monique knows HR inside and out, online and off. So she knows HR OptIn is an idea whose time has come.

"Two forces in the HR industry led us to the creation of HR OptIn," she said. "First, is the changing nature of human resources itself into a more dynamic and increasingly specialized, project-oriented set of challenges. Second, is the changing outlook of many HR professionals, including many women, who have sought a transition from full-time status to smart, flex-time positions balancing career and family."

HR OptIn launched with two clients -- GE and Philips Medical Systems. Both companies are seeking ways to reduce overhead, quickly add highly qualified team members to short-term, high-profile projects, and bring fresh ideas to the table.

GE HR Manager Raghu Krishnamoorthy sees the benefit of having a pool of qualified talent available on short notice. "HR OptIn jumped in right away to provide two managers who facilitated a complete session at the last minute for us. Most of our employees did not even know they were dealing with external consultants. Everything was seamless."

According to the Harvard Business Review, "Only 38% of women graduating from Harvard Business School are working full time today and 93% of women who opted out wish to return to their careers." HR OptIn members are quickly discovering the favorable options of serving America's top companies, not as full-time employees, but as independent HR consultants. That means going into business for themselves. At HR OptIn, they are doing exactly that with the support of an entire community of women who share a decidedly Web 2.0 outlook. The Net result? See for yourself at where the career options are definitely looking up!

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