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December 11, 2011 10:00 ET

Woodbury Chiropractor Uses Meridian Stress Assessment to Diagnose Patients' Nutrition Needs

WOODBURY, MN--(Marketwire - Dec 11, 2011) - Woodbury chiropractor Dr. David Witte from the Premier Health and Wellness clinic uses a nutritional assessment technique called the Meridian Stress Test to determine patients' nutrition needs when they come in seeking help with weight management and other health problems. Dr. Witte uses an Electrical Dermal Screening device to measure the electrical conductivity of specific points on the body that correspond to the same points that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners use for treatments such as acupuncture or acupressure. According to Dr. Witte, these readings can indicate nutritional deficiencies that cause health problems.

Dr. Witte says that the concepts behind Traditional Chinese Medicine are being used more often in the West because they have 2500 years of practice behind them, and are still widely used throughout Asia. He also reports that many of his patients come to his Woodbury chiropractic clinic seeking natural alternatives to back pain, joint pain and weight management.

"I feel, as many of my patients do, that our current medical system places too much emphasis on covering up symptoms with pharmaceuticals. My goal is to discover the real reason a person is in pain, fatigued or overweight and address it directly. The Meridian Stress Test helps us pinpoint the root causes so we can accurately address them through specifically tailored nutritional and lifestyle counseling."

Dr. Witte says that the Meridian Stress Test measures the flow of energy across a patient's meridians, which, according to TCM, are electrical channels that pervade a person's body. The theory is that whenever the energy is not flowing correctly through these channels or meridians, illness, fatigue, weight gain and pain result. TCM also posits that imbalances in energy flow can be caused by any number of things such as incorrect nutrition, stress, emotional turmoil, injury and so on.

According to Dr. Witte, the measurements taken during a Meridian Stress Test enable him to diagnose weakness or stress in specific organs, environmental allergies, and a person's sensitivities to certain foods or substances. Once a diagnosis is made, he develops a nutritional plan that addresses each patient's specific problems.

Dr. Witte explains that the Meridian Stress Test and the concepts behind TCM complement the types of care he provides people as a chiropractor: "Chiropractors alleviate pain by helping people get their spines back into realignment, which helps un-pinch nerves to allow the nervous system to deliver its messages without interruption. Studies show that the meridians in Chinese medicine correspond to electrical currents that run through the connective tissue of the body, and that when these are out of balance, people experience pain, have trouble with weight management, etc. My job is to help people get back into balance on both of these levels so their bodies can start healing themselves."

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