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November 14, 2007 16:00 ET

WoodSmart Solutions, Inc. Tests Hartindo AF21 in BluWood® Solution

Test Results Obtained for Hygroscopicity Standard

CORUNNA, ON--(Marketwire - November 14, 2007) - Megola Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MGOA), in collaboration with MSE Enviro-Tech Corp. (PINKSHEETS: MEVT) and (FRANKFURT: MEH) and WoodSmart Solutions, Inc., is pleased to announce the results of a recent test conducted at the Forest Products Development Center at Louisiana State University on the hygroscopic properties of lumber and plywood treated with a mixed solution of BluWood® and Hartindo AF21. Tests were done in accordance with Standard Test Method for Hygroscopic Properties of Fire-Retardant Wood and Wood-Base Products (ASTM D 3201-86). The results showed that materials treated with a combination of BluWood and Hartindo AF21 showed significantly better results than those treated with another widely used fire retardant treatment (FRT), when compared to untreated lumber.

About Hygroscopicity Testing

Hygroscopicity refers to the absorption and retention of water from the air. The hygroscopic properties of wood and wood-base products treated with fire-retardants are often greater than for untreated products, particularly at high relative humidity conditions. High hygroscopicity of these products can cause staining, rotting, paint adhesion problems and leaching of chemicals, as well as corrosion of any associated metal fasteners.

Hygroscopic testing is necessary to determine the treatments that have lesser hygroscopic properties and helps identify the exposure limitations of a specific treated product (e.g. interior or exterior grade).

BluWood® and Hartindo AF21 Test Results

Both southern pine 2x4 lumber and plywood samples were treated with a mixture of BluWood® and Hartindo AF21 and compared to untreated samples and FRT samples. For both lumber and plywood, the samples treated with a combination of BluWood® and Hartindo AF21 had hygroscopic properties very close to untreated lumber, and were statistically different than the FRT samples. In other words, the BluWood/AF21 samples had significantly lower moisture content than the FRT samples under the same conditions.

"The results of this test show that the combination of BluWood and Hartindo AF21 does not compromise the hygroscopicity of the treated material and, in fact, it proved to be better than a widely used fire retardant treatment currently on the market. This is just one more step towards our goal of having our combined products recognized as the preferred treatment for wood and wood-based building materials," states Joel Gardner, President and CEO of Megola Inc.

In August 2007, WoodSmart Solutions, Inc., Megola Inc. and MSE Enviro-Tech Corp. signed a Letter of Intent to test the feasibility of incorporating the Hartindo AF21 Fire Inhibitor product into WoodSmart's BluWood® lumber and other wood-base building products (

About Hartindo AF21

AF21 is water-based, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose, non-toxic and non-corrosive fire inhibitor. As opposed to the numerous, and often times toxic, fire retardants on the market that simply delay the spread of fire, AF21 renders materials non-flammable, thereby preventing the spread of fire. It can be applied to all natural fibers and many synthetics materials. A few of the many applications include the treatment of furniture, carpet, clothing, mattresses and building materials, onsite or during the manufacturing process, to dramatically reduce the possibility of these materials catching fire.

About WoodSmart Solutions, Inc. and BluWood® (

In 2000, an idea was formed to apply innovative wood coating technology to a fast growing concern in the construction industry. Existing chemical treatments used in the building industry were under close scrutiny, and eventually they were replaced with a newer generation of wood preservatives that still did not address a problem many view as the number one concern in the construction of new residences... mold and moisture control associated with wood framing components.

BluWood® is the trademarked name of a family of products coated with a proprietary two-part Infusion Film and DOT Wood Preservative technology, developed by a team of highly respected scientists under the direction of WoodSmart Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida.

BluWood® wood framing components provide the building industry with a new level of defense for protection of above ground, covered structure wood framing components against the costly, damaging effects of mold fungus growth; rot fungi and wood ingesting insects; as well as limiting moisture absorption, a key necessary element for mold growth.

This industry-specific, factory-applied coating process is performed by a North American network of WoodSmart Solutions, Inc., licensed application companies.

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