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March 03, 2005 14:02 ET


Actor and Filmmaker Work With Small Canadian Publisher Attention: Arts/Entertainment Editor, Books Editor, Health/Medical Editor, Lifestyle Editor, News Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - March 3, 2005) - Oscar-nominated actor Woody Harrelson, along with award-winning Canadian filmmaker Ron Mann, director of the 2003 Toronto Film Festival hit, Go Further, practice what they preach with the just-released eco-friendly book How to Go Further: A Guide to Simple Organic Living with Woody Harrelson & Friends.

Covering a wide range of topics - such as organic food, alternative energy, yoga, and political activism - the book has its roots in 2001's "Simple Organic Living Tour." The tour saw Woody and his companions - including a yoga teacher, a raw food chef, and a "junk food junkie" - biking down the Pacific coast and talking to people about how to lead happier, healthier lives while using less of the world's resources.

Working with an independent publisher was of paramount importance for Harrelson, as he eschews large-scale corporate domination. It was in part for this reason that he and Mann opted to produce the book with Toronto-based press Warwick Publishing. Warwick is also the publisher of Ron Mann's Grass, a book based on Mann's documentary film of the same name, narrated by Harrelson.

"One of Woody's central beliefs is that we need to step back from our knee jerk compliance with corporate America - the 'Beast' as he refers to it," says Warwick Publisher Nick Pitt. "Placing the book with one of the major media conglomerates would clearly have been in conflict with this message."

Harrelson was similarly concerned about the environmental impact of the book, given his commitment to ecologically-friendly practices. Says Pitt: "The eco-credibility of the book itself was something that all involved felt was essential. It was inconceivable to release the film's message in a format that was harmful to the environment. Woody was closely involved in reviewing the specifics of the paper, the ink, and the coatings. When we got the final specs together his response was 'Righteous.'"

In addition to sharing Woody's personal story of transformation from a self-proclaimed "corporate drug addict" to raw-food lover and yoga enthusiast, the book also features writing from others in the film, such as well-known activists John Schaffer, founder and president of Real Goods, a company devoted to creating alternative energy options, and Howard "Twilly" Cannon, former skipper of Greenpeace's Rainbow Warrior.

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