February 18, 2009 08:00 ET

Worio Delivers Web Discovery by Broadening Its Index to 100 Million Pages

Using More Than 30 Variables, Discovery Engine Connects Consumers With Meaningful Web Content

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwire - February 18, 2009) -

News Facts:

  • Worio created its discovery engine with the mission to provide consumers with a broad range of discoveries related to the topics they search for daily on the Web. Worio has taken the first significant step toward achieving this goal by increasing its discovery index from less than 10 million Web pages to a critical mass of 100 million since opening its public beta last July.
  • To expand its index to the 100 million mark, Worio's system examined billions of pages using a proprietary formula based on more than 30 variables to cut through the noise and identify the most valuable, interesting content.
  • Worio relies on three primary sources of information to determine which content to show:
    • Page content -- leveraging advanced machine-learning technology, Worio determines the topical context of each Web page in order to determine the topics of greatest interest to individual consumers
    • User preferences -- Worio users can tag and rate pages, allowing the system to better understand their interests and improve discovery suggestions over time
    • The social layer -- by analyzing social data, Worio also allows consumers to receive Web page recommendations from friends. Worio's core technology makes it possible to cut through the clutter and identify the most interesting and relevant pages
  • Worio's purpose isn't to fine-tune keyword search, but rather complement it with personalized discoveries that enhance the traditional search experience by exposing users to new things.
  • While search works well and is hitting a maturity phase, discovery technologies are still in their infancy. Worio's working to elevate the discovery experience and combines its core semantic Web-based discovery system with user-generated intelligence to deliver discovery with a buffer. This brings together a Web-scale knowledge base with the wisdom of crowds to unobtrusively learn about users and produce increasingly personalized discoveries.
  • Worio uses major search engine APIs (Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft) to provide standard keyword search results alongside its discovery results. This search+discovery experience enables users to find useful sites they are missing in regular Web searching and incorporates discovery as part of the existing information-gathering process.
  • Worio grew out of research in the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and the executive team includes two UBC professors. It has been funded by Canada's National Research Council and PRECARN.

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Quotes, attributable to Worio executives:

  • "Discovery is a fundamentally different problem than search. Search is about finding what you're looking for, which search engines already do quite well. Discovery, on the other hand, is about finding interesting information you didn't know to look for, often simply because you didn't know it existed." Ali Davar, CEO of Worio.
  • "Information systems have significant societal implications. Traditional search, which dominates so much of our information-seeking behavior, is limiting. We need to develop technologies that not only find information, but expose us to new and interesting areas of inquiry." Ali Davar, CEO of Worio.
  • "Scale is an important aspect to the challenge of bringing discovery to traditional Web search because it requires that the discovery engine be capable of delivering recommendations on the broad variety of topics people search for each day," said Ali Davar, CEO of Worio. "By broadening our index we've achieved a critical mass of content across a multitude of subjects and across the Web itself. This growth has been a primary focus for our development team and is a significant milestone for Worio."
  • "We've combined a complex semantic algorithm with analysis of the user's social graph to provide the first true discovery experience on the Web," said Mike Klaas, CTO of Worio. "Our knowledge base is dynamic and will continue to grow over time with the Web, but reaching the 100 million page milestone allows us to deliver a compelling discovery experience for every query searched."

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