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June 28, 2011 06:00 ET

Workers' Comp Claims Can Decrease 500% With Integrity Testing per Journal of Business & Psychology

Merchants Integrity Test Demand Grows: Guaranteed to Reduce Workers' Comp Loss Rates; Reduces Unemployment Costs, Workplace Violence and Harassment, Theft, Fraud and Drug and Alcohol Liabilities

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Jun 28, 2011) - Workers' compensation claims are nearly 500% lower for businesses conducting pre-employment integrity testing, according to a recent research report by the Journal of Business and Psychology (JBP). JPB's study compared screened vs. unscreened workers in the service, manufacturing, and health care industries. These results are consistent with two independent Cornell University integrity testing studies and the data and experience accumulated by Merchants Information Solutions (Merchants), a recognized national leader in background screening who annually administers millions of its proprietary Merchants Integrity Test (MIT).

"This is a significant opportunity for a CEO, CFO or Human Resource executive who wants to cut unnecessary, wasteful costs. The JBP study further underscores what our Merchants Integrity Test experience and clients have told us, 'There are huge savings in workers' comp loss rates, we have a better, more profitable workforce and a safer, better workplace,'" said Russ Johnson, CEO Merchants. "As part of The Merchants Challenge, we guarantee clients mutually agreed upon savings, or we will refund our fees," Johnson added.

The JBP study and report looked at organizations that did and did not screen for integrity. For organizations that don't test for integrity, the report states that they experience as much as 4.8 times as many workers' comp claims than those who screen for integrity. The report went on to state that employment integrity tests are validated with both empirical and actuarial data, are legal, EEOC compliant and are proven to generate a significant return on investment. The Cornell University studies on integrity testing show that in the hospitality segment of hotels and food service, the measurable financial benefits are enormous.

"We have proven results demonstrating that our integrity test clients achieve an average 60% reduction in workers' comp loss rates in three years or less. The JBP report adds to the urgency of implementing integrity testing. This is a 'no brainer' for business leaders to measurably cut cost and avoid hiring potential high-risk candidates who fail our Merchants Integrity Test. Our clients aren't hiring them -- but somebody is and they will pay the price," Johnson said.

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Merchants Information Solutions, the exclusive provider of the Merchants Integrity Test which is proven to reduce workers' compensation loss rates an average of 60%, is a national leader in background screening for employers and residential communities as well as a leader in ID Theft Restoration Affinity programs. Honored to have as company national spokespersons Jerry Colangelo and Harvey Mackay, Merchants was founded nearly a century ago and is dedicated to delivering world-class identity theft and background screening solutions. Merchants is the only NATIONAL SINGLESOURCE PROVIDER of all recognized background screening tools and services for employers and multi-housing communities.

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