August 11, 2015 10:00 ET

Workout Pants That'll Make Your Muscles Burn Faster; Resistance Tech Invented by Olympic Silver Medalist & NYU Med Student

Clinically Tested to Tone Muscles More Efficiently During Physical Activity; Available for Pre-Sales via Indiegogo

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 11, 2015) - Making time for working out is one of the biggest obstacles to reaching our fitness goals. Today, RXACTIVE (RXA) introduces activewear with resistance technology built into the fabric panels to help people of all fitness levels target muscle groups more effectively and reach fitness goals quicker. RXACTIVE's flagship product, fitness pants designed and tested at the NYU School of Medicine, apply the principles of anatomy and biomedical engineering to improve workout efficiency; the activewear is now available for pre-sale through Indiegogo.

Integrated resistance elements arranged within a dynamic compression system make up RXACTIVE's core technology, pushing the body to work harder, increasing muscle activation and enhancing caloric burn. The RXA women's capris and men's shorts feature custom power mesh panels, counteracting the motion of the wearer, providing a challenge similar to Thera-bands without additional equipment.

"There was a point in my Olympic training where I was hitting a plateau. My trainer incorporated resistance bands into my routine and I was finally able to maximize my workouts and potential," said Keeth Smart, COO, RXACTIVE and Olympic silver medalist. "By inventing a way to weave in resistance bands into compression pants we're enhancing your workout without being disruptive."

Key benefits of RXA's resistance technology include:

  • Increase your heart rate and burn up to 14% more calories
  • Targets muscle groups more efficiently (23% increase in muscle activation)
  • Decrease workout time necessary to see results
  • Increases difficulty of cardio and bodyweight exercises without extra equipment
  • Experience a challenge without having to change your routine or go to the gym

"Anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise physiology are deeply woven into RXACTIVE's product DNA," says Dr. JR Rizzo, MD, Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Langone's Rusk Rehabilitation and Chief Medical Advisor to RXACTIVE. "As your legs swing in different directions relative to the hip joints, strategically positioned panels woven directly into the activewear counteract the movements to increase exercise intensity and maximize muscle activation."

RXACTIVE's Indiegogo campaign seeks to raise $30,000 in crowdfunding support, marking the fitness pants pre-sales kick-off. Backers can pledge from $20 to $5000 for incentives that include discounted RXA resistance gear, as well as an exclusive workout session in Central Park alongside the RXA team and Olympic athletes.

To find out more about RXACTIVE, follow their updates and support their campaign, visit the Indiegogo page,, or their website,

RXACTIVE is a fitness apparel company inventing sleek activewear built with patented resistance panels to burn calories faster and effectively activate key muscle groups in less time. Founded in New York, NY by a team of medical students at the NYU School of Medicine, designers, and athletes, RXA believes activewear can be comfortable while improving workout efficiency. For more information, visit

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