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October 30, 2009 10:29 ET

WorkProducts Announces Webinar on Simplified e-Discovery Approach for Legal and IT

CHANTILLY, VA--(Marketwire - October 30, 2009) - WorkProducts, the revolutionary provider of the first end-to-end Microsoft SharePoint:FAST ESP simplified eDiscovery software product -- MatterSpace® ELM that syncs corporate legal/IT with their law firms -- announced today that it will sponsor a webcast showcasing the latest enterprise data search trends and technology addressing the challenges legal teams face during eDiscovery activities.

This complimentary webcast, in conjunction with IDC, is geared to attorneys and IT and will be conducted on two dates:

Tuesday, November 10th at 12 noon EST and Thursday, November 12th at 12 noon EST.

Webinar program speakers include:

--  Sue Feldman, Research Vice President Search and Discovery Technologies
    at IDC -- the leading market research and strategy firm -- who will deliver
    an overview of a new class of search-based software applications and what
    they mean to the legal community.
--  Steve Lilley, Founder & CEO, WorkProducts, who will offer attendees a
    visionary approach involving a software-based Evidence Lifecycle Management
    (ELM) framework which speeds up eDiscovery delivery while reducing the risk
    and cost and will share how Microsoft SharePoint:FAST ESP is facilitating
    eDiscovery through the MatterSpace® ELM partnership.
--  Shawn Owens, VP of Product Management, WorkProducts, who will provide
    a MatterSpace® ELM demonstration, highlighting the
    Microsoft facilitation.

"Today, attorneys in both corporate legal departments and law firms are missing a consistent methodology and platform for jointly managing electronically stored information during the discovery process," said Mr. Lilley, founder & CEO of WorkProducts. "What is lacking is automation through best of breed technologies and ELM to integrate identification, preservation/retention, and collection of electronic information with Early Case Assessment, Case Strategy, and ESI Production. MatterSpace® ELM overcomes these shortfalls and offers IT and corporate/outside counsel an end-to-end platform that is both auditable and cost efficient."

"Successful vendors have intuitive applications for eDiscovery with integrated work environments in which the user interface hides the complexity of information sources and applications," said Sue Feldman, Vice President, IDC. "When a member of a legal team can sit down and accomplish their EDRM task for eDiscovery without moving from one platform to the next, tremendous time and effort is saved."

Litigation support teams have experienced a reduction in time and cost of gathering information by using MatterSpace® ELM. Free, 30-day or 1st case free trials of the software are available for download.

About WorkProducts

WorkProducts bridges the gap between Information Management and Electronic Data Discovery through Evidence Lifecycle Management (ELM) and the MatterSpace® ELM product. Recognized as an industry leader by clients and analysts and validated through the ELM Case Law Journal, MatterSpace® ELM integrates Retention/Preservation Management with Early Case Assessment, Case Strategy, and ESI Production. Through this advanced offering, corporate legal and outside counsel can now manage and synchronize information "behind the firewall" and "in the cloud" in order to iteratively make "Try vs. Settle" decisions throughout each case.

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