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March 05, 2008 13:28 ET

World Champion T'ai Chi Master and Life Coach David-Dorian Ross Opens Full Circle Fitness Studio in Corona del Mar -- Introduces Power, Freedom and Flow System

CORONA DEL MAR, CA--(Marketwire - March 5, 2008) - World Champion T'ai Chi Master, author and renowned holistic wellness expert David-Dorian Ross today announced the opening of his new studio, Full Circle Fitness, at 2801 East Coast Highway, Suite D & E in Corona del Mar, Calif. Ross and his team of certified, experienced trainers offer personal fitness training, life coaching and T'ai Chi instruction based on Ross' Power, Freedom and Flow (PFF) system, which he wrote about in his book, "Power Freedom and Flow: Your Journey to Health and Happiness."

A seven-time U.S. National Gold Medalist in T'ai Chi, who also won two World bronze medals and a World silver medal, Ross knows what it takes to become a champion. He helps clients learn the habits and techniques to champion their own lives. As a certified life coach who holds a degree in kinesiology, Ross brings more than 30 years of teaching and coaching experience to his work.

For each new client, Ross identifies what is and is not working in his or her life and develops a program to guide that person on their journey towards greater health and happiness. He and all the instructors at Full Circle Fitness use the PFF system to help clients transform their lives by restoring a balanced sense of "Power, Freedom and Flow" to the physical body, emotions, and spirit. "By changing the way a person moves in relation to the world, we change his or her sense of power and connectedness to the world," Ross explains. "This even translates into positive changes in the client's business life and romantic and family relationships."

"At Full Circle Fitness, we measure our success based on how our clients feel about themselves, not just on whether they've lost weight or built muscle," says Ross. "I believe it's important to get to know each client before we begin. I look for 'what's out of balance' to determine if power, freedom or flow is missing in this person's life. If power is missing there's an unconscious pattern occurring. We break the old habits and put new patterns in place. If freedom is missing, there's a limiting belief in place. We'll create step-by-step successes to eradicate the limiting belief. If flow is missing, the person has a synergy problem. I might suggest customized progression program that leads the client step by step through Isolation (Pilates), Integration (Yoga) and/or Synergy (T'ai Chi or dance). The end result: greater flow."

Ross recommends asking yourself if you are in a state of Power, Freedom and Flow, which he defines as follows:

--  Power is vitality -- literally the energy of life flowing through your
    body. When you have power, you find you have the ability to get what you
    want without needing to use strength or force.
--  Freedom is a feeling of having no limitation -- what you might call
    "can-do-ability." When you have Freedom, then neither past memories,
    current circumstances or future projections constrain your choices.
--  Flow is a sense of uninterrupted continuity and connectedness; what
    athletes and others sometimes call "being in the zone."

Ross also utilizes the PFF system with his life coaching clients. He has developed a unique format called "Full Circle Coaching" that blends the metaphors and archetypes of the Hero's Journey with physical training -- in particular, learning T'ai Chi -- which differentiates him from most life coaches.

For more information about David-Dorian Ross and his Power, Freedom and Flow system, Full Circle Fitness and Full Circle Coaching, speaking engagements, books and DVDs, visit or call 949-673-7705.

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