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June 08, 2007 10:18 ET

A World Expert in Human Potential, Professional Training and Consulting Announces Her Comprehensive Stress Management Program, Synergy Program and More

The Prince Synergy Helps Individuals and Businesses Be Intelligently 'Lazy' and Succeed Faster -- Comprehensive Stress Management Program June 9 and 30, Synergy Program June 16

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 8, 2007) - The Prince Synergy (, founded by physician and author Bin Yang, MD, will have its June Comprehensive Stress Management Programs and Synergy Program in Los Angeles. Unlike other programs, The Prince Synergy helps individuals free and optimize their mind and body, and improve interrelations with their INTERNAL and EXTERNAL worlds, both TODAY and TOMORROW. The keys are stress management, human software updating and staying healthy. The human thinking system is like software running inside us -- we could learn; we can relearn. Under the Prince Synergy's pre-preventive care, individuals as well as businesses, insurances and government agencies can enjoy improved and relaxed productivity and reduced medical and legal costs. Our children will have more positive influences for better futures.

The June 9 and 30 programs, "Be Intelligently 'Lazy' and Succeed Faster," are two-day seminars that aim to relax individuals efficiently, reduce today's stress and its sources, internal and external, and prevent tomorrow's stress. Individuals can feel better, look better, get treated better and succeed faster. Besides the stress management component, the programs cover the human software and health issues that connect closely with stress. The Synergy Program on June 16, a four-day seminar, helps bring an individual's potential -- including stress management, health and influence over children and others -- to the highest. The Custom Program is one that targets a group or an individual's unique needs precisely. The Prince Synergy also provides a one-on-one program, consultation and lectures. The Prince Synergy uses case practices (hands-on) and emphasizes looking at a big picture and taking a comprehensive approach rather than using one tool to solve all problems.

When asked why she founded The Prince Synergy, Dr. Yang answered, "I want people to be able to reach their full potential and use their resources efficiently. People should not be limited by fear, environment or anything else. They should lead easy, happy and healthy lives."

About the founder:

Bin Yang, MD, has trained in internal medicine and psychiatry. The first time Dr. Yang experienced the close connection among human software (both hers and others'), stress management and staying healthy was when her mother could not get off a ventilator after five weeks of intensive care. ICU physicians concluded that her mother would be ventilator-dependent for the rest of her life. Yang had to hold her tears and challenge the authorities, namely, ICU physicians and her own physicians, at that time. Yang did her own assessment, taught her mother a new way to breathe and practiced with her. Within three days, her mother was taken off the ventilator successfully. Had Yang not questioned ICU doctors, her mother would have chosen to die. With the help of nine other specialists, her mother has been able to shop, cook, talk and laugh rather independently again.

Instead of being "aged" by other high stress in life, Yang has turned some disasters into opportunities with her comprehensive stress management techniques. Yang is a volunteer for abused children, wanting to bring a more positive influence to them at their critical age.

The Prince Synergy offers a discount to veterans and individuals in rehabilitation. However, The Prince Synergy cannot succeed without a participant's burning desire and action.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Yang, please contact Judith at 1-310-820-2829.

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