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World Finance

April 13, 2017 04:30 ET

World Finance digs deep into a demographic challenge of global proportions

LONDON, ENGLAND--(Marketwired - April 13, 2017) - For decades, we have lived in fear of a so-called 'population bomb'. Year after year, the number of people on this planet has grown at an exponential rate, causing irreparable damage to the environment, exhausting both natural and synthetic resources, while stretching the limits of our global food supply.

Today however, there is yet another demographic challenge that pervades society, and in doing so affects the entire globe - ageing populations. The latest issue of World Finance explores the reasons this shift is now taking place and what governments worldwide can do to offset its disastrous effects.

To get to the crux of this issue, World Finance spoke with renowned economist and expert on global demographic trends George Magnus, who noted "this is a unique phenomenon in human history". The anomaly can be largely attributed to medical breakthroughs and declining infant mortality rates, which have resulted in people living much longer. Interestingly, this development coincides with sociological trends that see people having fewer children than previous generations.

Though this phenomenon is more clearly seen in advanced economies, the number of countries facing this issue continues to grow. "According to the UN population division, which is sort of the font of all wisdom on population and demographic matters, with a handful of exceptions global population growth is basically grinding to a halt", Magnus told World Finance.

Elsewhere in World Finance, we explore the death of the American shopping mall, the potential end of physical money and the long-term drawbacks of economic sanctions.

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