World Congress

World Congress

February 23, 2011 10:09 ET

World Health Care Congress to Gather Global Thought Leaders to Share Insights on the Future of the Medical Travel Industry

8th Annual World Health Care Congress to Host 1st Annual Global Medical Travel Forum, April 4-5, 2011, Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 23, 2011) - With the global medical travel market poised to reach at least $60 billion by 2012, the 1st Annual Global Medical Travel Forum at the 2011 World Health Care Congress will gather global thought leaders to share insights on the future of the rapidly growing industry.

Scheduled for April 4-5, the forum is part of WHCC's 2nd Annual World Health Innovation Summit. More than 40 countries and 1,800 delegates from around the globe will be represented at the conference, including over 200 CEOs from major health plans and third party administrators, over 150 senior executives from the world's largest employers and over 200 CEOs from the world's leading hospitals and health systems. 

Author of Medical Tourism Guidebook and Global Medial Travel Expert - Dr Prem Jagyasi will serve as forum chairman. According to research he recently conducted, 94 percent of experts agree medical tourism maintains significant room for growth and much of the market remains untapped.

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Medical Travel Forum presenters will include:
  • Vishal Bali, Chief Executive Officer, Fortis Hospitals (India)
  • Devi Shetty, MD, Founder and Chairman, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals (India), Founder, a new healthcare facility in the Cayman Islands
  • Joaquin Rodriguez, Sr., Chairman & CEO, HIMAHEALTH (Puerto Rico)
  • Michael C. McMillan, Executive Director, Market and Network Services, Cleveland Clinic
  • Sangita Reddy, Executive Director, Operations, Apollo Hospitals Group (India)
  • Dennis Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Bumrungrad Hospitals International Ltd. (Thailand) 
  • Raffaella Molteni, Chief Administrative Officer, Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) (United States)
  • Hisham Diwani, MD, General Manager, Health Insurance, Ministry of Health (Syria); Member, Syrian Insurance Supervisory Commission
  • Prem Jagyasi, Author – Dr Prem's Guidebook – Medical Tourism; MD and CEO, ExHealth, Dubai HealthCare City (UAE); Founder, Global Healthcare Network
Panel discussion topics will include
  • Globalization of Health Care—Forecasting Growth and Critical Financing and Operational Challenges
  • Emergence of Global Health Care Clusters
  • Best-In-Class Facilities – Innovations in Health Care Delivery for Medical Travel
  • Strategies to Address Legal, Ethical, Cultural and Quality Issues for International Patients
  • Public-Private Partnerships with Tourism Ministers and Delivery Systems to Attract New Business

The 8th Annual World Health Care Congress will gather employers, health plans and providers and convene all sectors involved in the medical travel industry. The congress will present networking and business opportunities to many international medical travel stockholders. 

The WHCC 1st Annual Global Medical Travel Forum, as part of the 2nd Annual World Health Innovations Summit, convenes stakeholders from all over the world focused on the globalization of health care services. International Government Leaders, Ministers of Health, Ministers of Tourism, C-Suite Executives and VPs of International Patients from leading world-class Hospitals, C-Suite Executives, Medical Directors, GMs and International Network Directors from international private and public Health Plans and Insurers, as well as many other professionals from the medical travel industry, gather to discuss the many challenges and opportunities in the global health care market. World renown speakers from the medical travel industry address key challenges and strategies for the globalization of health care, best-in-class medical travel facilities, the emergence of global health care clusters, public-private partnerships in medical travel, as well as strategies to address legal, ethical and cultural concerns for international patients. The WHCC 1st Annual Global Medical Travel Forum offers a premier networking and educational opportunity for those involved, or looking to be involved, in the globalization of health care.

About World Healthcare Congress and special offers:

The 8th Annual World Health Care Congress (WHCC) is World Congress' flagship event in which more than 1,800 health care, government and corporate leaders formulate solutions to the challenges of health care cost, quality and delivery. WHCC convenes the major sectors in health care to determine actionable goals and implementation strategies to demonstrate quality, consumer choice, cost-effectiveness and transparency. The 8th Annual World Health Care Congress is organized with support from: Presidential Sponsor Alere, Official Well-Being Sponsor Healthways, Official Healthcare Decisions Sponsors Health Dialog, Official Innovation Series Sponsor UnitedHealth Group, and educational underwriters, McKessson, VITAS, TriZetto, Booz & Company, GE healtymagination, Healthstat, Access MediQuip, Allscripts, VSP, Eliza, Aetna, AmericanWell, Thomson Reuters, Companion Data Services, CareLogistics, Ortho McNeil, HealthHub – powered by PayFlex, and Healthwise.

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The WHCC 8th Annual Employer and HR/Benefits Summit convenes over 150 senior level HR and Purchasing executives focused on improving benefit design, employee productivity, cost effectiveness and promoting health and wellness. Coalition executives and Employer Corporate Medical Directors, CEOs and CFOs, Purchasing executives are in attendance, as well as Vice Presidents and Directors of Human Resources and Benefits, Wellness and Health Promotion and Disease Management from the nation's largest employer organizations.

The WHCC 8th Annual Health Plan Summit convenes over 200 CEO and senior executives focused on creating new business models for improved member retention, consumer preference and cost containment strategies for competitive differentiation. Health Plan and Third Party Administrator CEOs, CFO, Chief Medical Officers, Strategy and Innovation Officers are in attendance as well as Vice Presidents, Medical Directors and Directors of Member Retention, Disease Management.

The WHCC 8th Annual Hospital and Health System Summit convenes over 200 CEOs and senior executives focused on developing ACOs, medical home models, disruptive innovations and business models, replicable integration strategies and accountability frameworks. Hospital, Health Systems and Integrated Delivery Network CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, CFOs and Administrators gather to exchange strategies with their peers on replicable and innovative delivery models, physician alignment and reimbursement, managing operational costs and successful reform implementation.

The World Health Care Congress is also pleased to offer:

The 7th Annual World Health Care Congress Europe
As the leading European event on health care business innovation, The 7th Annual World Health Care Congress-Europe (13-14 April in Brussels) is the only major international forum that convenes leaders from all sectors of health care to discuss and develop actionable items to provide the highest quality of care while working under budgetary constraints. Moving away from a policy-focus, the 2011 Congress ensures that delegates will leave with a key action plan to set in motion for success in 2011. The 2011 Congress will feature the top industry influencers including hospital directors, IT innovators, decision makers from public and private insurance funds, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, health care industry suppliers, health ministers, and leading government officials.

To register, visit and use promotion code NMY388 for a specially discounted rate.

The 2nd Annual World Health Care Congress Middle East
The 2nd Annual World Health Care Congress Middle East (December 11-13, 2011 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates), co-sponsored by the Health Authority Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, is a global event in which over 600 health care, government and corporate leaders from over 25 countries come together to define objectives and frame solutions to the challenges of health care reform, cost, quality and delivery.

To register visit and use promotion code MXH829 for a specially discounted rate.

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