November 30, 2010 11:08 ET

World Market for Healthy Snacks Reached US $22.9 Billion in 2009

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The global snack foods industry continues to experience strong growth, due to the decline in the number of formal meals eaten and continued demand for foods which can be eaten on-the-go by time-pressed consumers. Over the last decade, health has been one of the main drivers of the global snack foods market, together with the trend towards preimmunization before the effects of the economic recession were felt. Demand for healthy snacks continues to increase, as a result of more people paying greater attention to their diets.

The world market for healthy snacks amounted to US $22.93bn in 2009, having risen by 20% since 2004. Although the healthy potato crisps, chips and other salty snacks segment remains the market' smallest, it is also one of the most dynamic, with many successful products having been launched within this sector of late. The nuts, seeds and mixes sector accounted for almost 60% of the global market for healthy snacks market in 2009, ahead of cereal-based snacks and fruit snacks.

The global market for healthy snacks remains highly fragmented, mirroring the situation which exists in the overall snack foods industry. Most of the leading suppliers of snack foods supply some healthy varieties within their respective portfolios, having either launched new products marketed on a specific nutritional platform or reformulated existing lines to improve their health appeal.

In this report, the following products are generally defined as constituting 'healthy' snacks:

  • potato crisps and other salty snacks marketed on a 'better for you' platform (e.g. low-fat, low-salt, low-calorie and baked varieties);
  • packaged nuts, seeds and trail mixes (which typically combine dried fruits, nuts and grains);
  • cereal-based snacks (mainly cereal bars and rice-based products);
  • fruit-based snacks (such as dried fruit).

Geographically, much of this report focuses on places where the healthy snacking trend is most evident, such as Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.

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