Travel Health Assist

Travel Health Assist

November 14, 2011 20:24 ET

A World Premiere in Travel Health With Apple Store: Launches a New Feature Which Constitutes a World Premiere in Travel Health

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Nov. 14, 2011) - It is now possible for travelers and the public to quickly and easily find online the locations of travel health clinics and pharmacies offering travel health services in most countries worldwide through a new application for iPhone 3G / iPhone 4 / 4S iPhone / iPod Touch (3G) / iPod (4th generation) and iPad, on Apple store, and on the and websites.

This innovative application also allows health professionals, travelers and the public to conduct on their own a free health travel consultation, to find out the relevant requirements for yellow fever risk areas for malaria and disease risks according to their travel dates, locations and particularities, for all countries in the world, and to see the latest travel health news and alerts.

It also includes a GPS locator to easily find clinics and pharmacies situated nearby a person's actual location.

More than 860 clinics, pharmacies and hospital centers offering pre-travel health services or health care both during and after a trip situated in more than 76 countries worldwide are currently listed in our directory. Wherever you are in the World, you can find a travel health resource to assist you when needed. / and websites have been launched in 2009 by Christine Dumontet, Registered Nurse, member of the International Society Travel of Medicine, of the Ordre des Infirmières du Québec and of several other organizations, in collaboration with Louis-Charles Gagnon, a specialist in software engineering and CEO of LS2 Investments, a software development business.

Since the launch of and, more than 350 members (mostly MDs, nurses and pharmacists) have access to relevant health travel information updated on a daily basis to assist them providing their patients with adequate advice and all necessary vaccines and to ensure that all travelers leave well protected, and well informed of the risks at destination and of any required post-travel follow-up.

In 2011 only, these websites have already received over 46,000 visits and that number is growing every day.

More than 1200 health travel professionals around the world receive from and the latest health travel news and alerts from worldwide recognized sources, including: Center for Disease Control and Prevention, World of Health and its regional offices, Pan American Health Organization, Health Canada, Institut Pasteur, National Institute of Health Surveillance (France) and several others.

Our Mission

The /'s mission is to make available to health professionals a high quality online support, information and reference tool and to travel agencies and the public useful and reliable Health Travel information.

We are unique by reason of our bilingualism and of the diversity of the information contained in our database.

Electronic patient records

Also, and include an integrated electronic patient record to guide health professionals throughout their consultations. This record is customized, for each patient, in regard to recommendations by countries visited, by the type of travel, by planned activities and in relation with the health condition of each patient. The list of vaccines administrated to the patient can also be registered in this electronic patient record.

These records are encrypted and stored on secured servers allowing the health care professional to access it at any time, and from any location, for future reference and to add the vaccines recalls, if any. All electronic patient records may also be stored on the computer of the health care professional who has access thereto.

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