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World Reach Technologies Corporation

October 14, 2010 16:45 ET

World Reach Technologies Corporation Has a Plan to Create Thousands of Jobs in Ohio by Providing 21st Century Business Management Methodologies

DAYTON, OH--(Marketwire - October 14, 2010) -  Since its reincorporation in the state of Ohio, World Reach Technologies Corporation has no offices, only a handful of full time staff members, hundreds of "free lance" employees with every skill level and experience imaginable, and is helping launch new businesses in the same manner. Their business model significantly lowers operating costs, increases profitability, survivability, and allows any business to move into new markets with their goods and services faster than any competitor.

For under $80 (US) they are providing world class, highly sophisticated, network ready, WIFI enabled, business management software applications running $500 million corporations. They pay for themselves with a single tax return or payroll and will support thousands of concurrent users.

For under $20 (US) they are also providing self paced training courses, not taught in colleges or universities today, in business, accounting, manufacturing, distribution, retail, marketing, sales automation, contact management, fund raising and customer relations.

Their history dates back over 30 years of creating paradigms in information management, marketing, telemarketing, contact management, customer relations inclusive of being credited with having developed the world's first, fully integrated, industrial strength, suite of business applications for Windows 95. One of their business partners is credited with inventing the personal computer and the first accounting applications to run on it.

They have web enabled an application suite used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide by Fortune 50 corporations, in two weeks, instantly saving them two years of re-programming effort.

They are able to build software applications side-by-side with end user decision makers from a design specification without any programmers. As soon as the design is complete, the application can be deployed worldwide over any off the shelf web browser.

"If we do not have the answers to any problem facing a business today, we know people who do. The things I have seen my people do and the time it took to accomplish these tasks is incredible, and I challenge anyone to find a company with our capabilities. I would like to do business with them," said Bruce A. Bishop, CEO, World Reach Technologies Corporation.

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