SOURCE: Arnold William Klein, MD

February 26, 2009 07:12 ET

World-Renown Dermatologist Warns Public of Rising Dangers in American Aesthetics

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 26, 2009) - It's not surprising that in times like these, people are trying to save money. But according to Dr. Arnold William Klein, the international authority on minimally invasive aesthetics and renowned for pioneering the cosmetic use of Botox and dermal fillers, one would be wise not to cut corners on his or her choice of cosmetic surgery centers. "On nearly every street corner, treatment centers have popped-up with the creation of med spas, typically staffed by nurses," says Dr. Klein. "The public has been reassured that these are simple 'in-and-out' procedures, easily performed by anyone. The problem is these are not simple treatments. They require a great deal of scientific understanding and finesse. These procedures should not be performed at the mall or in the back room of a beauty parlor by untrained individuals. Education in this field is not a weekend course given by the manufacturer."

As many of the country's largest pharmaceutical companies continue to teach anyone who can hold a needle how to inject this potentially toxic substance, the number of serious reactions will increase dramatically. "Profit has replaced patient safety as the major theme of Continuing Medical Education courses," says Dr. Klein, "thus setting the stage for a potential medical disaster. Compounding this is the forged medical literature, illicit promotion of products to American physicians by unlicensed foreign physicians, and the rampant approval of potentially disfiguring injectable agents by the Food and Drug Administration."

Dr. Klein has seen for himself the drastic effects of such agents, and his concern for the public is so strong that he's become a vocal advocate for patient safety. "I am both alarmed and appalled by the FDA's approval of substances such as injectable Plexiglas (Artefill), ground-up suture material (Sculptra), and injectable bone (Radiesse)," says Dr. Klein. "These compounds have severely scarred and impaired the health of people around the world, and as a result, are no longer used in most countries. What's even more shocking is the discovery that articles written about agents such as Botox are totally incorrect and rely on falsified data."

The FDA has over 180 reports of life-threatening adverse reactions to Botox with 80 requiring hospitalization. Until recently, the effects of all injectable filling agents were temporary and very rarely associated with permanent problems. In the past, the permanent injectable silicone had been used but had been so problematic that the Justice Department filed injunctions against certain physicians on behalf of the FDA. According to Dr. Klein, "This doesn't happen any more. Politics and money have changed the face of aesthetics in America."

From his office on Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills, Dr. Klein maintains a very busy, prestigious practice, catering to some of Hollywood's biggest stars. He is recognized as the international father of architectural facial restoration. But none of this changes the fact that he's become persona non-gratis at U.S. society meetings and speaking engagements. "I have voiced my serious concerns and raised questions about the alteration of data published in peer-reviewed journals, and as a result, I have been terminated from one manufacturer's advisory board and from the editorial board of a peer-reviewed publication," says Dr. Klein. "Maybe they don't want anyone to question how they are re-writing history or making a very useful toxin potentially dangerous. I, for one, will not be quiet. It's not enough to do no harm; one must do good."

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