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September 10, 2013 08:00 ET

World-Renowned Photographer Brent Stirton Joins Forces With WonderWork to Cure Blindness

Stirton to Travel to West Bengal, India to Document the "Miracle" 15-Minute Surgery That Can Restore the Eyesight of 20 Million Blind Children and Adults

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - September 10, 2013) - This month, Brent Stirton will travel to one of the poorest regions of India to photograph blind children before, during and after the "miracle" surgery that will restore their eyesight. 

Stirton, whose work has been featured in National Geographic, TIME, Newsweek, the New York Times and CNN, will live for 3 weeks in a rural village as he captures the pain, suffering and struggles blind children face in developing countries.

"I'm very excited about this assignment," says Brent Stirton. "What could be more powerful than watching a child who has been blind since birth, open their eyes and see for the first time?" 

Stirton was introduced to WonderWork by Blue Chalk Media, a visual communications company, which is bringing the creative resources together to tell this important story.

"Compelling visual storytelling can change the world," says Greg Moyer, Blue Chalk Media's Chief Executive Officer. "Brent will help WonderWork open the eyes of the world to the neglected problem of 20 million children and adults who are 'needlessly blind.'"

WonderWork is an international children's charity that provides free surgery for children who are blind, burned or crippled with clubfoot. Each of these problems can be solved through a miracle surgery that takes as little as 5 minutes and costs as little as $35. But because they are poor, more than 40 million children and adults who desperately need these surgeries will never receive them unless someone helps them.

"We're lucky to have someone as talented and accomplished as Mr. Stirton help us," says Brian Mullaney, WonderWork Co-Founder and CEO. "His photos will show the world the incredible impact a miracle surgery can have."

About WonderWork
WonderWork is the world's first major charity focused on the problem of lack of access to surgery in the developing world. 40+ million children and adults are waiting for surgery and will never receive it unless someone helps them. WonderWork provides free surgeries for children and adults who are blind, severely burned or crippled with clubfoot. Instead of sending American doctors on missions, WonderWork empowers local doctors through free training, free equipment and financial aid through 61 programs and partners in 58 of the world's poorest countries.

About Brent Stirton
South African Brent Stirton is a world-renowned photojournalist known for his powerful documentary work depicting global health, environmental and cultural issues. He's worked for the Ford, Clinton and Gates Foundations, World Wildlife Fund, the World Economic Forum and Human Rights Watch.

About Blue Chalk Media 
Blue Chalk is a visual communications company specializing in world-class visual storytelling founded by Greg Moyer, former Chief Creative Officer of Discovery Communications (parent of Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet).

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