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December 03, 2013 08:01 ET

WorldLister Launch Brings Hope to eBay Sellers

Multi-Platform Application Makes Selling Online a Truly Mobile Business

NAPLES, FL--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2013) - WorldLister launched today, completely upgrading the experience of listing items on eBay. The free cloud-based application enables anybody -- from first-time sellers to power sellers -- to list items in a couple of minutes, cutting the listing time down by 85 percent. Just last year, eBay reported that it enabled more than $175 billion of commerce volume, representing a major opportunity for WorldLister and the improvements it offers to sellers, including demystifying and simplifying the process of listing items for sale online. By opening the door to online selling to more people, this application will solve eBay's biggest problem: losing its sellers.

"Selling items online is a great way to make money, but the process has not changed since eBay was founded in 1995," said Bryan Harmon, co-founder and CEO of WorldLister. "Many new listing tools have claimed to revolutionize the seller's listing process, but sellers are still presented with an outdated form, hidden costs and the time-consuming task of writing content they hope will sell their item. Those days are over. WorldLister eliminates all these struggles and makes online selling what it should be -- fast, mobile, intuitive and free."

Harmon, a United States Marine veteran and former organic chemist, approached the problem of selling online the only way he knew how: from scratch, no short cuts, highly disciplined and with an agile team. He created a unique culture that brought the developers together, living under one roof (video: for a year to literally eat, sleep and breathe the mission of simplifying a process that has kept millions of would-be sellers sidelined. With today's launch, WorldLister challenges the status quo and forever changes the way items are listed and sold online.

WorldLister offers users the ability to list any item by simply taking a photo of the UPC code, and the software does the rest. The app intuitively guides users through a product-specific, step-by-step process that creates a complete, professional listing including the ability to list automobiles from a cell phone or tablet; something not possible on eBay now. With a few clicks to answer tailored questions about their item, WorldLister automatically generates titles and descriptions that include the most important information and is designed to elevate the seller's listing rank on eBay's search results in order to get items sold -- all without the user ever having to compose a sentence. WorldLister also facilitates sellers' uploading integrated videos, with one click from YouTube further increasing the likelihood of buyers to purchase.

WorldLister uniquely incorporates a "live feed" that gives sellers the power to post, relist and edit their current listings immediately, including changing video and images without ever refreshing the page with no extra fees. The live feed also allows sellers to manage inventory, track current statuses of sale items and answer questions asked by eBay buyers.

WorldLister offers product-specific features:

  • WorldLister's UPC Lister allows sellers to type or take a picture of a product's UPC, and the software will auto-generate the listing's title and description and output it in to a beautiful layout.
  • WorldLister's Auto Lister feature is the only application that lets sellers list a car that goes live on eBay straight from their mobile device without downloading any applications. Sellers can sell a car -- literally from their driveway.
  • WorldLister's Clothing Lister guides sellers step-by-step to provide all the standard information needed to appear in eBay's new "filtered search," where shoppers can optimize clothing search by size, color and other characteristics.

To use WorldLister, users can simply go to -- create an account and link it to their eBay account to immediately start listing items. To view screenshots of the unique process and clean layouts, visit To view a video overview of the app, visit

WorldLister is available as part of the eBay Developers Program. The eBay Developers Program enables third-party developers to create innovative solutions.

About WorldLister
WorldLister, based in Naples, Fla., is the fastest, most efficient way to list items to sell on online marketplaces like eBay. It's the only free Web application that both simplifies and demystifies the process of listing items, and that can be used on any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop -- the way mobile eCommerce should be. It intuitively guides users step-by-step, allows them to rapidly upload photos and post videos to elevate the buyer's shopping experience, and auto-generates a clean, dynamic listing that reflects the true value of the sale item -- new or used -- within minutes from anywhere.

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