September 20, 2016 08:34 ET

World's First Tactical Sunwear Lens Technology Launches Allowing Police, Military, Paramedics, Fire & Rescue to See More Than Skin Deep

The O2Amp Tactical Sunwear Gives Users Better Insight Into Emotion, Intent, Temperament, Feelings & Health

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - September 20, 2016) - Police, military, paramedics, and other security and protective personnel -- who keep our country and its citizens safe and healthy -- can now get a better insight into the emotions, intent, feelings and health of other people out in the field, giving them an enhanced state of mind -- and heightened eyesight -- to carry out their duties successfully. To help these professionals, O2Amp, a company who discovered why humans have color vision, has created a new pair of glasses launching today, called Tactical Insight Sunwear, that give professionals better insight into the state of others by enhancing the visibility of blood and oxygenation color signals just under the skin.

"Police, medical, and safety personnel are in a position where they need to be given all the tools possible to clearly and correctly assess a situation," said co-founder of O2Amp Dr. Mark Changizi. "By being able to see emotions more than just skin deep, law enforcement personnel and people in the military are given an advanced view of what's happening under the skin. This new lens is part of our mission to give people glasses that allow them to see things more clearly and correct eye deficiencies to make their eyesight better and stronger. They're not magic; the patented lens technology takes your intuition and enhances it."

The Tactical Sunwear glasses offer advanced UV protection and are mirrored and anti-reflective.

The Tactical Sunglasses are available on Amazon for $277.00. Uncut lenses are also available.

O2Amp was created by 2AI Labs scientists Tim Barber and Mark Changizi, the latter who found in 2006 the reason why we evolved color vision, which is to see blood under the skin in order to sense emotions and health. This discovery helped people understand that color vision allows us to "read" fellow humans better by seeing into their underlying physiological state -- and was used first by high-level poker players -- and led O2Amp to the design of glasses that enhance veins, and another technology that corrects colorblindness, using patented technology. To learn more, visit

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