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July 16, 2012 03:30 ET

World's Leading IT Security Certification Provider to Host Technical Hackers Combat Workshop Series in Hacker Halted APAC

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA--(Marketwire - Jul 16, 2012) - EC-Council Academy will be hosting the Security360 workshop series at the upcoming Hacker Halted APAC, to be held on the 19th - 22nd November 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

These workshops are specifically designed by the world's leading ethical hackers and information security experts to address crucial information security matters in today's technology dependent business environment. All workshops are technical and will be conducted in a hands-on method.

This cutting edge series aims to arm the participants with every tip, tool and trick they need to fortify networks against malicious hackers.

"We do not believe in sugar-coating realities that someday, in the near future, organizations and their clients will be victims of cybercrimes. By hosting this workshop series, we hope to provide information security professionals with the know-hows to help prevent that," said EC-Council Academy managing director Wilson Wong.

The first workshop, "Run & Gun: Penetration Testing," will provide an offensive approach against network intrusions. This workshop will enable participants to adopt best practices and explore new and unconventional techniques in discovering network vulnerabilities, effectively gaining steps ahead of potential malicious intruders.

Next, will be a workshop on web applications hacking called "The Combat of Web Applications: Hackers vs. Developers." Take control of your web applications security with this in-depth show-and-tell workshop where participants will be exposed to potential damages by hackers on your web application -- preventions and cures included!

"Mobile Hacking: Dark of the Moon" is one for the nomophobics -- featuring hacker technologies on Android and iOS based devices. The competition between Android and iOS has THE operating system has bared a fresh target for hackers -- mobile devices. This workshop is revolutionary and will break the belief that mobile devices are secondary in the information threat watch list.

"The Art of Cyber War -- Network Hacking and Defense," the fourth workshop, is not a mockery of Sun Tzu's Art of War but a cyber environment complement. This segment of the series will comprehensively address best practices and strategies to ensure network security. The best defense is supposed to be offense, but here participants will learn the best of both.

The final workshop of the series, "Managing the Multiple Personalities of GRC," will leave the participants prepared to navigate diverse international cyber regulations and compliance law. It's crucial to grasp this now in order to mitigate long-term complications and consequences of cyber risks and enforceable regulations. 

Participants can also look forward to the return of the Night Hack Live where ethical hackers will penetrate secured networks -- proving that no network is completely hack proof. Networks will be hacked in real time. This exclusive feature is designed to expose security professionals to world-class hacking technologies and strategies.

Seats are limited for the workshops and Night Hack Live -- participants are encouraged to sign up soon to avoid disappointment.

Hacker Halted APAC 2012 is endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

More information about Hacker Halted APAC 2012 and registration forms are available at

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