Isaac Ely Bespoke.

Isaac Ely Bespoke.

March 09, 2011 08:01 ET

The World's Most Luxurious Menswear: Bespoke Tailor, Isaac Ely Shares the Secret Behind His $30,000 Suit

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 9, 2011) - It begins in the wilds of northern Manitoba, Canada – at the precise moment when a sun-drenched Arctic muskoxen rubs its fur against coarse brush to shed its winter coat. This once-a-year event produces qiviuk, a super-precious fleece softer than cashmere and warmer than wool. It is collected with care by the local community, sold and meticulously edited, spun, dyed, woven and finished in northern England by Dormeuil, masters of the craft. Packaged and sold as Royal Qiviuk™ (a luxurious blend of the muskoxen fibre, cashmere and rare Australian Super 200s yarn) this limited edition cloth is available to only the world's finest tailoring houses. 

In Toronto, bespoke tailor Isaac Ely connects with an elite client who dreams of a suit unlike any in the world. The tailor purchases the fabric from Dormeuil and begins to transform this rare cloth into a $30,000 suit.

"A designer can make a suit that looks great on the rack, but you'll never experience the same comfort or fit as you will from a bespoke suit," says Ely, dresser of some of the most powerful and successful men in North America. "It takes a precise eye and creative vision to understand the human body and design something that will fit perfectly."

Equipped with an enormous smile and an infectious enthusiasm for his craft, the revered tailor starts the suit making process with a detailed consultation. The artist and his client now become business partners. Ely works around the schedule of his client, meeting him at his office or home, anywhere in Canada or the United States. The tailor devotes a month, or more, to building this one exquisite garment.

While measurements of a client's body are invariably taken upon first meeting, Ely's note-taking is vastly more extensive. If this is an athlete, how broad is his upper body? If this is a CEO, how often will he need to sit down in meetings? Taking made-to-measure to its maximum, there isn't anything, from neck shape to skin tone to travel habits, that won't be taken into consideration. 

Above all other skills, Ely is known in his trade as an architect of stunning suits. Where other bespoke tailors might build a suit using a standard block pattern (making a few adjustments per customer) Ely cuts each client's garment with an individual pattern by hand, eventually basting the meticulously cut fabric to its fine camel hair canvas. Seven members of Ely's team become involved, each responsible for his or her own particular skill. It is with pride that he can say that every one of his client's suits are individually hand cut, hand shaped, and hand sewn in-house – right down to the button holes.

When making a shirt to accompany the suit, every portion of the garment is artistically linked via single-needle stitch, an age-old process of construction that solidifies the shirt's durability. Clients who have opted for a checker-patterned fabric will find that every line on the garment matches up perfectly, from one portion of the shirt to the next. Australian mother-of-pearl buttons are added to the flared-cuff shirt, while authentic horn buttons imported from Italy are applied to the suit jacket. Lastly, the client's body is formally introduced to a garment that surpasses any other he's ever worn in quality and comfort.

"You can't describe that feeling until you really experience it yourself," the tailor says of the reactions he's witnessed from every individual who has tried on an Isaac Ely suit.

His wife Mina, who Isaac describes as his chief advisor and source of inspiration, takes a shot at putting words to this powerful sentiment: "When you feel good you walk with confidence in your step," she says. "And confidence radiates, it actually echoes and people feel it. So you can only imagine when a man walks into a meeting in a $30,000 suit, how amazing he feels and what power and confidence he exudes."

About Isaac Ely

Isaac Ely is a Toronto-based bespoke tailor with clients across Canada and the United States. A recognized expert in tailoring, Isaac blends his years of experience with a love and passion for people. He dresses executives of major corporations in fine classic styles and elite professional athletes in expressive, modern designs. Isaac cultivates a relationship with each client and is treasured for his personal touch, exquisite detailing, and exceptional service. His hand-sewn suits range in price from $3,000 to $37,000. For more information visit

About Dormeuil

Dormeuil maintains unparalleled quality and integrity by manufacturing all of its cloth in Europe, with the majority being made in Northern England. Dormeuil cloth is worn by captains of industry, film stars, athletes and connoisseurs of fine clothing.

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