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August 18, 2009 08:30 ET

World's Most Used Instant Messaging, Peer-to-Peer and Video Streaming Applications Now Supported for Network Equipment and Server Load Testing

BreakingPoint Adds Realistic Emulation of P2P Streaming Video Network PPLive and Online Television Platform QQLive to Previous Support of AIM®, QQ IM, Windows Live Messenger, BitTorrent™ and More

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - August 18, 2009) - According to a study by iPoque, a leading European provider of deep packet inspection (DPI) solutions, P2P file sharing continues to dominate network bandwidth, comprising between 43 to 70 percent of Internet traffic depending on region. This same study also revealed that streaming video is now the fastest growing application across networks. The ability to test network equipment and application servers using both of these popular application protocols is now critical to ensuring the performance and security of network devices. BreakingPoint now provides realistic network traffic simulation of the world's most used instant messaging (IM), peer-to-peer (P2P) and video streaming applications for realistic testing of network equipment and application servers.

BreakingPoint Provides Realistic Testing of the World's Most Used Applications

--  PPLive, the world's largest all-video network, is a peer-to-peer
    streaming video network created in Huazhong University of Science and
    Technology.  PPLive streams live television and film programs on top of
    hundreds of millions of video clips, films and plays.
--  QQLive is an interactive P2P distribution platform for streaming media
    developed by Tencent, China's largest and most used Internet service
    portal. QQLive has more than 100 TV channels and can be viewed in a variety
    of ways including through the Web and desktop programs.
--  In October 2008, BreakingPoint introduced support for China's QQ IM
    (Instant Messaging) application, the most used IM application in the world.
    Today's addition of QQLive and PPLive provide BreakingPoint users with the
    most complete and realistic testing of the world's most used peer-to-peer,
    instant messaging and video streaming applications.
--  Overall BreakingPoint provides support for the world's most popular
    IM, P2P and video streaming applications including AIM®, QQIM, Windows
    Live Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger, Encrypted BitTorrent™, eDonkey,
    Gnutella, PPLive and QQLive.

Dennis Cox, BreakingPoint CTO:

"Video streaming and peer-to-peer applications are clearly the most popular protocols on networks today; the immense popularity of PPLive and QQLive are simply the latest evidence. As millions of people use these and other similar applications it becomes crucial for service providers and network device manufacturers to adopt new testing methodologies. Testing today's network equipment and application servers means simulating the real network; a diverse set of global applications, realistic throughput and live security strikes. Ignoring these factors is a sure-fire recipe for network performance degradation and security vulnerabilities. BreakingPoint testing tools are updated weekly with the latest application protocols and security strikes. Your network doesn't stay the same week after week, neither should your testing equipment."

80+ application protocols are available including AOL IM®, eDonkey™, Encrypted BitTorrent™, FIX/FIXT, HTTP, HTTPs, IBM DB2®, MAPI, Microsoft® CIFS/SMB, Oracle®, PP Live, QQ IM, RADIUS, SIP, SMTP, VMware® VMotion™ Windows Live Messenger, World of Warcraft®, Yahoo!® Messenger and many more.

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BreakingPoint accelerates the development and testing of high-performance content-aware network equipment, ensures network resiliency and reduces time to test with fast, accurate, responsive, and easy-to-use application, performance and security testing tools. BreakingPoint is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices throughout the world. For more information visit and download the latest resources for cyber security testing, firewall testing, application protocol fuzzing and more.

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