SOURCE: Worldwide Media Technologies, Inc.

August 09, 2007 15:04 ET

Worldwide Media Technologies, Inc. Stands Up Against Misrepresentation of Company and Acts Quickly to Protect Shareholders

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - August 9, 2007) - WAA* (FRANKFURT: WLJ), a national ad firm offering state-of-the-art technology and mobility in advertising.

In April 2007, the Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp. (the "Company") entered into an Agreement to merge with Tetra Penta Pharma Group, Inc. Prior to the effectiveness of such merger, Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp. terminated such Agreement in writing, pursuant to its right to terminate set forth in the Agreement. Since such termination, Worldwide has received numerous reports of unauthorized communications by individuals claiming to represent the Company (Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp.) as a result of the merger. Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp has written Cease and Desist letters to such individuals. WMMC will continue to aggressively protect Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp. and its shareholders from unauthorized actions and representations.

Accordingly, anyone who receives any communication from the individuals listed below is advised to take no action based upon such communication.

--  Robert Roy, 2790 Cartier, Longueuil, Quebec j4k 4g7, Canada
--  Michael DeMeo, 224599 Waterside Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33428
--  Rudolf Krause, 7562 Ellis Ave E6, Huntington Beach, CA

Such persons are not officers, directors or registered stockholders of Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp. and are not authorized to represent the Company in any manner. Those individuals -- especially Michael DeMeo -- sent under a suspicious email address "Investor Relations:" multiple emails to the German Broker dealer in Bad Vilbel, and claimed that Cellscanpharma merged with Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp. Similar bogus e-mails were sent to different Departments of the Deutsche Börse Group in Frankfurt.

Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp. had no knowledge of those e-mail actions from Cellscanpharma. The fake distributed documents were copied, pasted and patched by Robert Roy.

Employees from the Deutsche Börse Group, who received those email documents without a proof of authentication, paused Worldwide Mobile Marketing Corp from trading.

Due to this criminal behavior from Roy, DeMeo and Krause, lawsuits are in the process to being filed against them in the US and Canada.

If you receive any such correspondence, please report such communication immediately to Worldwide Mobile Market Corp. (now Worldwide Media Technologies Inc. after name change ISIN Nr. US98161B1044) by calling 305-720-2334 or by faxing a copy to the Law firm of Joel Bernstein at 786-513-8522. More information is posted on our website in the PR section.

Worldwide Mobile Market Corp. appreciates your patience in dealing with any confusion caused by the unauthorized actions of the above-mentioned individuals.

* WAA (Wheels America Advertising), a subsidiary of Worldwide Media Technology, is a publicly owned company and franchisor.

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