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The Academy of Brain-based Leadership

February 24, 2015 10:00 ET

Worldwide Team of Neuroscientists and Leadership Coaches Launch The Academy of Brain-based Leadership

Using Brain-Science to Create the Next Generation of Leadership Development

SACRAMENTO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2015) - Synchronicity of like-minded people has led to the formation of The Academy of Brain-based Leadership (ABL). This organization has been formed to translate the latest discoveries in neuroscience into the field of leadership development. Using this approach, ABL has created a suite of practical tools and programs that provide solutions to leadership issues and challenges that, until now, wouldn't budge. Supported by the neuroscience, all of the tools and the programs are designed to enhance and transform leaders, teams and organizations.

ABL has partnered with MyBrainSolutions© and has taken a validated brain assessment and applied it to the field of leadership and teams. This has resulted in the only scientifically validated brain-based leadership assessment program available today. The effect of this new assessment is a dramatically more effective way of integrating the scientific discoveries of brain functionality into daily leadership practices and behaviors.

This assessment, combined with instruction on basic brain functionality, comprise the framework of a complete curriculum of programs known as the Integrated Leader™ series.

"The reason for focusing on leaders is that they think and influence others for a living, often in environments of pressure and complexity. With the brain operating as the control center of all you do -- what you think and feel, how you choose your focus, how you react to, behave and relate with others -- your brain is your most valuable resource. As such, knowing the brain is no longer a nice-to-have but an imperative for leaders," says Catherine Hambley, Senior Consultant at ABL.

This series of leadership programs is delivered by a cadre of highly seasoned development practitioners and thought-leaders around the world, all of whom have significant experience in translating brain science into practical leadership expertise. Together, they are championing the evolution of leadership education and training and creating a new frontier called "integrative organizational neuroscience."

"To date we have certified close to 100 people around the world and plan on about 500 over the next two years," reports Tony Pottle, Chief Business Development Officer. "We have associates in Australia, India, UK, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada, as well as in key cities in the US."

"In addition to offering a solid platform of brain-based products and programs, we practice and live the principles, concepts and approaches that we bring to our clients," says Phil Dixon, CEO of The Academy of Brain-based Leadership. "In the leadership development field, our credibility and reputation are paramount, and I look forward to working with this group of incredible, smart and dedicated people to bring the neuroscience of leadership to a much higher level."


  • Phil Dixon MSc (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Leonie Hull (Chief Operations Officer)
  • Dan Radecki PhD, MA (Chief Scientific Officer)
  • Tony Pottle (Chief Business Development Officer)
  • Scott Winter (Senior Consultant)
  • Catherine Hambley PhD (Senior Consultant)
  • Australian Team: Norman Chorn PhD & Terri Hunter PhD of the Future Builders Group
  • New Zealand Team: Jenny McDonald MSc & Paul McDonald PhD of Continuum Consulting

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