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April 20, 2009 09:00 ET

Worrell Water Technologies Proves Wastewater Treatment Can Be Handled Naturally, Efficiently and Locally

Next Generation Living Machine® System Has Industry's Smallest Footprint and Highest Energy Efficiency for Ecological Wastewater Treatment and Recycling

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwire - April 20, 2009) - Worrell Water Technologies today announced enhancements to its Next Generation Living Machine® system, a proprietary ecological wastewater treatment system. Unlike today's approach to wastewater treatment, the Living Machine® system operates as a decentralized, on-site system for water treatment and recycling, creating quality fresh water without chemicals, odor or nasty by-products.

The Living Machine® system is a 'turbo-charged' engineered wetland system which combines the compact footprint of traditional wastewater treatment technologies with the energy efficiency of conventional constructed wetlands. In operation in more than two dozen locations worldwide, the Living Machine® system is a patented and trademarked technology offered only by Worrell Water Technologies.

"Let's face it, water is our next big crisis," pointed out Tom Worrell, Chairman of Worrell Water Technologies, referring to statistics that show more than 1 billion people worldwide have no access to safe drinking water and 40 percent of people globally deal with water scarcity at some level. "We have to be realistic that centralized water and wastewater treatment systems can simply not handle water demand in the midst of our dwindling water supply. The Living Machine® system is the wastewater treatment and recycling technology for the 21st century."

As result of water scarcity, the cost of water is increasing, and many U.S. states are struggling with how to keep up with water demand. In many areas of the country, large amounts of energy and dollars are spent to transport clean water many miles to any location, only to pump it out and send water again many miles away for sewage treatment.

As an alternative, the Living Machine® system allows for on-site, local water recycling, reducing demand for treated water and producing fresh water for landscape irrigation, toilet flushing, industrial processes, washing equipment or animal areas, landscape water features (i.e. fish ponds) and other uses.

"Recycling water is high on everyone's list as water costs rise and availability sinks. The Living Machine® system allows communities and institutions to locally manage wastewater and significantly reduce water use in an ecologically sound way that is both energy-efficient and aesthetically beautiful," said William Kirksey, Senior Vice President, Worrell Water Technologies.

The Living Machine® system customers save on water costs and reduce water usage:

--  One Living Machine® system technology customer, the Guilford County
    School District in Greensboro, NC, uses a Living Machine® system to treat
    up to 30,600 gallons of wastewater per day from its middle and high school
    buildings, producing enough clean water to irrigate three athletic fields.
    The Living Machine® system allowed them to avoid $4 million in capital
    costs to hook up to the city sewer lines.
--  At the Esalen Institute, in Big Sur, California, the facility uses the
    Living Machine® system to treat and recycle wastewater from laundry and
    lodging for drip irrigation, protecting groundwater resources and
    conserving water supplies.
--  The Las Vegas Animal Shelter in Las Vegas, Nevada, uses the Living
    Machine® system as part of its water reclamation strategy to capture,
    treat, and recycle up to 20,000 gallons per day of water used for washing

The Living Machine® system offers the following benefits over other treatments systems:

--  Excellent effluent water quality
--  Water reuse for a variety of applications
--  Small footprint and readily scalable for increased flow rates
--  Low energy consumption and low methane (GHG) emissions
--  Low operating costs
--  No odor
--  Eligible for LEED credits
--  Aesthetic quality, integrating the beauty and complexity of nature
    into the structure of buildings or site landscaping - providing residents
    and visitors with an educational experience and direct tangible connection
    to natural systems.

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