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June 22, 2006 09:00 ET

Worsening Global Water Quality and Scarcity Problems Drive Need for Improved Water Infrastructure, Filtration, Treatment and Delivery Presents Insights From Water Industry Experts on the Sector's Worldwide Challenges and Opportunities and the Impacts of China and India's Surging Development

POINT ROBERTS, WA, and DELTA, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 22, 2006 -- (WS), an investor and industry news portal for the water sector, presents perspectives by water sector specialists Steven Maxwell, Managing Director, TechKNOWLEDGEy Strategic Group; William Brennan, Portfolio Manager of the Praetor Global Water Equities Fund, and industry participant Hendrx Corp. Current trends and opportunities in the water business surround the pressing needs for improved water infrastructure, filtration, treatment and delivery, in particular, as issues of quality and scarcity worsen worldwide.

"Economic and social demands, and political realities -- are driving the overall expansion and consolidation of the broader water industry. These drivers, in turn, give rise to various trends and effects which will likely be key features in the water business for years to come. Water quality and scarcity problems are clearly the ultimate concern and driver behind the challenges, all of the regulations, the opportunities and ultimately, the projected growth for the water business over the coming decades," explains Maxwell.

Sparking worldwide growth in the water industry continues to be China and India's significant economic development, escalating the demand for water supply, quality, technology and infrastructure across residential, industrial and commercial segments. According to William Brennan, Portfolio Manager of the Praetor Global Water Equities Fund, "China has really emerged as a significant player in the water market over the last two years and has plans to spend approximately $250 billion over the course of the next 2 to 3 years on their water infrastructure."

Hendrx Corp. (OTCBB: HDRX), a water technology company engaged in the research, development, manufacture, marketing and worldwide distribution of water generation, filtration, ionization, and purification devices, has targeted their product portfolio to address many of the needs of developing countries such as China and India.

According to a Hendrx corporate representative, "China and India's needs in the water sector are immense. Their requirement is from the potable, to agricultural, industrial and wastewater treatment. Our long-term objective is to supply solutions in each of those areas. In the short term, we are concentrating on the potable water, more specifically in the Atmospheric Water Generation area. Water shortages and water pollution can no longer be viewed from an isolated point of view. A classic example is the Colorado River where the water has been diverted to California and elsewhere to the point where water no longer reaches into Mexico. The 'Water Challenge' needs a global solution, and Hendrx Corp. intends to be a part of that solution."

The main reason China and India's needs have escalated is concentration in population, industry and agriculture. He adds, "This concentration is to the point where the natural water supply has been overstressed and can no longer accommodate the growth without drastically impacting the environment. As a result, global solutions have to be found to minimize the impact on the environment." Offers Industry Perspectives through the Following Features:

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