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Wortzman Nickle

October 12, 2010 17:15 ET

Wortzman Nickle Law Firm Launches Records Management Practice Group

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 12, 2010) - Wortzman Nickle, Canada's first law firm to focus on electronic discovery ("e-discovery"), has launched its Records Management Practice Group.

New rules of court and protocols, including changes and advancements in technology, have changed the legal processes of e-discovery and disclosure. As a result, there is greater emphasis than ever before on records management. "Companies without a document retention policy often have no clue about their IT infrastructure, so they end up consenting to a retention or discovery order that may have a $500,000 cost of compliance. There is no question that a failure to focus on a proper retention and records management policy drives up the cost of e-discovery significantly." (The Financial Post, "Beware requests for e-discovery", July 7, 2010, FP10).

Wortzman Nickle provides advice to organizations by drafting and implementing records management and related policies for both paper and electronic sources. The firm's policies are drafted from legal and practical perspectives to provide clients with legally defensible policies that are compatible with their IT infrastructures and are acceptable to and easily adopted by their employees.

Susan Wortzman and Susan Nickle will continue to draft legally defensible records management policies and protocols. To complement the policies and protocols, Mr. Chuck Rothman has joined the Wortzman Nickle team.

Mr. Rothman offers technical and practical advice to Wortzman Nickle's clients regarding the most efficient and cost-effective methods for all phases of e-discovery and records management. A professional engineer, Mr. Rothman is well-known in e-discovery circles. He is a recognized expert in both electronic discovery and computer forensics.

Wortzman Nickle is devoted exclusively to e-discovery and litigation management. It is an industry leader in this field. The firm serves major corporations and law firms by providing independent advice on reducing discovery costs and managing business records. The firm also prides itself on leading the industry in e-discovery research, providing clients with unbiased access to the most up to date resources in this fast-changing space.

Wortzman Nickle looks forward to finding all the ways its Canadian e-discovery services can save law firms and their clients time, expense, and risk.

Visit Wortzman Nickle's updated Web site at www.WortzmanNickle.com to learn more about e-discovery in Canada and how to manage it in the most cost-effective way possible.

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