May 15, 2014 10:00 ET

WPC Acquires HL7 Accelerator to Ease Processing of Healthcare Data

BRENTWOOD, TN--(Marketwired - May 15, 2014) - WPC, a healthcare technology, business process consulting organization, today announced the acquisition of an HL7 accelerator toolset from Prosch Consulting. The toolset will allow WPC to assist clients in integrating clinical data, promoting health information exchange, and enabling care coordination activities supporting new care delivery models.

The WPC toolset simplifies HL7 transaction development, and it allows healthcare organizations to closely monitor HL7 transactions. The toolset enables WPC to take clinical data from different systems and integrate it in a clinical data warehouse so that it can be used for reporting.

"We were interested in this toolset because our customers continue to request our assistance to consolidate and better understand clinical data. This transaction allows us to integrate clinical data significantly faster," said Ray Guzman, Senior Vice President, WPC.

WPC acquired the toolset from Prosch, a consulting firm that provides healthcare integration strategy consulting.

"We're excited to see where the WPC team takes these tools, and expect to see them make a pretty big dent in the data aggregation space," said Lee Prosch, President, Prosch Consulting.

About WPC
WPC is a healthcare industry leader, providing consulting solutions and serving as the exclusive publisher of critical HIPAA implementation publications and related products. WPC was founded in 1975 as Washington Publishing Company, and over the last 39 years, thousands of customers -- including the largest firms in healthcare -- have relied upon WPC's expertise to solve their business problems. WPC provides technical, business process, and compliance solutions while focusing on improving quality, lowering costs, and optimizing performance for customers. Expertise includes: ICD-10, security and compliance, healthcare reform, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement strategies. For more information, visit Follow @WPCSolutions on Twitter and become a WPC fan on Facebook.

About Prosch
Prosch is a healthcare integration consulting firm, bent on getting patient data where it is needed, when it is needed -- getting data in front of providers in the most simple, meaningful way.

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