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March 02, 2007 11:10 ET

WrapMail Introduces Unique E-mail Technology Allowing Everyday Corporate and Personal E-mails to Become Powerful Marketing Tools

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 2, 2007 -- WrapMail, Inc., a Florida-based software company, has developed a unique patent-pending software that will enable e-mails sent everyday from corporate and individual e-mail boxes to provide a website-like border (Wrap) that will allow for marketing, advertising and promotion -- turning the e-mails you send everyday into powerful marketing pieces.

WrapMail's service provides a cost-effective way for businesses to generate new revenue opportunities, increase web traffic, promote brand recognition and product awareness, generate ad sales, and make every e-mail user a marketer -- just by doing what they do everyday, sending e-mails. WrapMail users send e-mails, just as they had in the past -- no changes to e-mail address, no changes in e-mail sending habits. They further have the ability to exclude sender and recipient e-mails from receiving Wraps, and can receive an instant notification when a recipient has clicked on their Wrap.

Corporate and personal e-mails are being sent everyday, yet they do not take advantage of the untapped real estate that exists around each e-mail, which currently consists of a blue or gray box. According to the IDC, there were over 60 billion daily e-mail messages sent in 2006, excluding spam and junk e-mails. There were over 700 million hosted and corporate e-mail boxes in 2005 and that number is expected to be over 900 million by 2009.

E-mails sent using WrapMail are surrounded using HTML embedded pictures, links and graphics into the message and can contain both static and dynamic content, including RSS feeds. The e-mail will make a server stop after leaving the user's desktop to get wrapped, and then it is forwarded on to the recipient. The recipient does not need to download any images from the WrapMail and does not get the red "X" from Microsoft Outlook. WrapMail is compatible with the way HTML is rendered in all standard e-mail client solutions such as Microsoft Outlook (including Outlook 2007) and Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, Novell Groupwise and Apple. WrapMail is also compatible with the major web-based email solutions such as AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN and Hotmail. For more product information, visit

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WrapMail, Inc. is an e-mail enabling software company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that has developed a unique software solution that enables corporate and personal e-mail users to promote and advertise around each outgoing e-mail. The solution is server-based so no routines change as far as the user is concerned. Visit:

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