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Industry Visions

June 04, 2009 06:00 ET

WVSN Radio Discusses Catastrophic Industrial Fires Caused by Solvent Soaked Insulation, a Concern of Plant Safety Managers

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - June 4, 2009) - In a national interview on WVSN INDUSTRY VISIONS Industrial Talk Show, Steve Oslica, Marketing Director for Pittsburgh Corning, cites, "The shifting fortunes of today's modern industrial plants and processes require an ever-mindful vigilance of the dynamics that affect not only the bottom line profit picture, but a kaleidoscope of challenges for every different operation at every level. A derelict of attention to any number of details can cause catastrophic failure of a plant's infrastructure in the failure of process control..." Oslica continued, "With new efforts to maintain energy-efficiency wrongly installed insulation or improper insulation choices can cause catastrophic explosions or fires in plants, especially in areas where high volumes of flammable substances are produced such as in refineries and chemical processing plants. Some types of insulation can become soaked with solvent oils and other combustible sources that create the threat of wicking and accelerate catastrophic fires.

"Plant safety managers in those environments specify FOAMGLAS© cellular glass insulation because it's made from pure glass and will not burn," continued Oslica, "With billions of square feet and vast liner distances being installed in these hazardous environments, FOAMGLAS© has been proven to be long-lasting and requires little or no maintenance." FOAMGLAS© is a green manufacturing process from its beginning.

The FOAMGLAS© team has worked with notable industrial end users and engineers for decades. These firms have come to expect the long-term performance in these markets and others that FOAMGLAS© has provided. Projects installed as long as 50 years ago continue to perform as specified. That is why the FOAMGLAS© team has provided 20-year warranties on its product, not based on laboratory data, but on real, time-tested performance.

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