October 01, 2009 10:21 ET

WWEBNET Announces Technology Licensing Program for Wi-Fi Enabled TV Sets

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - October 1, 2009) - WWEBNET ("World Wide Electronic Broadcast Network", Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WWEB) announced today the availability of its proprietary, software-based, video, audio and software communication delivery technology system for the Television Wi-Fi industry.

Utilizing WWEBNET's software-based broadcasting and auto-delivery software, which does not require a set-top box to be viewed on TV, the Wi-Fi Industry has the opportunity to develop a truly convergent broadcasting system, capable of automatically delivering to television sets -- in full broadcast quality -- movies, music videos and other content from (and to) computers and other devices. WWEBNET believes by making its delivery system known to this emerging market, it will position the company for strong growth in the future. WWEBNET software, which takes about 30-seconds to install on a computer, can easily and automatically deliver vast quantities of content directly to a consumer's private media library -- without having to spend one penny on a set-top box and without needing to remember to surf to YouTube to stream a film, or rent a movie.

The technology allows content to be directly delivered straight to a targeted computer, or device -- the results of which are similar to a television, cable, or satellite broadcast -- the content isn't "streamed" as it is on a typical web site, complete with all of streaming's hiccups and interruptions, but is DELIVERED in full broadcast quality to the consumer. This is made possible because WWEBNET essentially converts a hard drive into what could be compared to a smart DVR -- enabling it to store, record, pause, replay and even limit the pricing, availability and number of times content can be viewed, heard, or length of time it can be stored.

WWEBNET empowers media companies to build their own "SUPER NETWORKS" which transcend and complement traditional broadcasting methods. SUPER NETWORKS don't need the approval of cable operators or satellite networks, as the FCC's "Net Neutrality" policy rules the Internet. This has important implications for content owners, as they can price their content in accordance with their own marketing and sales plans, while delivering advertising directly to the consumer -- thus expanding their viewership reach, while also providing the potential to increase their margins by cutting out various middle men in the Internet marketplace.

"The short-sighted nature of many businesses have lead them down a garden path of spending hundreds of millions of dollars on set top boxes and snail-mail delivery systems -- I predict these to be concluding technologies, as both systems fail to harness the overwhelming power of already distributed laptop, desktop and mobile computing power," said Robert Kelly, CEO of WWEBNET, Inc. "Believe it, or not, the movie industry is following nearly the same blind path the music industry has followed -- by continuing to allow others to control Internet distribution of their content -- and the market wealth associated with it -- they freely permit the Internet's distribution Monopolists continued stranglehold of the marketplace -- to the great dismay of thousands and thousands of investors and shareholders."

With research firm iSuppli forecasting the total number of Web-enabled TV sets growing to 88-90 million units worldwide by 2013 (about 40% of the television market -- source Wall Street Journal September 23, 2009), WWEBNET is betting manufacturers in the Wi-Fi television arena will be positioning themselves to take quick advantage of leading-edge, emerging, technology companies that can proactively deliver content to a targeted device -- including companies like WWEBNET.

Kelly continued, "What amazes us is that we continue to read about investors pouring tens of millions of dollars into old distribution 'boxes' -- be it a 'Red' Box, 'Set Top' Box, or any other kind of 'box' -- when all you need to deliver a rentable, or purchasable film is an internet connection and the right set of software!"

The advent of wireless television sets only increases the urgency for major media companies to secure their distribution futures by controlling some form of software that will empower them to control their own advertising, rental rates, length of time a film can be seen, subscription offers, merchandising, concert tickets and other information, as well as accounting for the dollars spent by consumers -- worldwide.

Concluding, Kelly said, "In an era where these Monopolists and middle men have collectively throttled the market capitalization and shareholder wealth of many of the world's largest media companies, it is high time these entities made a move to recapture control of the DISTRIBUTION of their content. We believe the huge cost, time, delivery and business advantages offered by the WWEBNET software broadcast technology are too compelling to ignore, especially in a recessionary environment, a rip-roaring credit crunch and the toughest market almost anyone alive has ever seen."


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