April 21, 2008 17:41 ET

WWF-Canada: 10,000 Canadians Make Every Day Earth Day by Living the Good Life at wwf.ca

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - April 21, 2008) - As of Earth Day, The Good Life, WWF-Canada's new initiative to help Canadians reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions will reach 10,000 participants. Through The Good Life, Canadians have reduced their GHG emissions by almost 19 million kilograms, the equivalent of taking more than 3,000 cars off the road for a year.

The Good Life, launched in January, is a free online community that offers a menu of over 50 actions people can take to live a low-carbon lifestyle. The success of Earth Hour and the growing popularity of The Good Life demonstrate that Canadians are ready and willing to make changes in their lives to help fight climate change.

"Earth Hour was successful because it gave Canadians an easy and fun way to personally and collectively express their desire for action on climate change," said Julia Langer, Director, Global Threats, WWF-Canada. "WWF-Canada launched The Good Life to give Canadians a choice, as well as a voice."

WWF-Canada is flipping the concept of 'The Good Life' from a life of waste and excess to a life that is good for the planet, and good for future generations. When The Good Life's participants commit to taking an action, the site tracks the positive impact of their choices - displaying the number of kilograms of greenhouse gases being saved by individuals, as well as the amount being saved by all participants. The Good Life is a positive program that demonstrates it truly is possible to help the climate, and acts as a positive and unified call for everyone-governments, businesses and individuals-to do their part to fight climate change.

"Participating in The Good Life is a tangible way to make every day Earth Day. Just imagine what we can accomplish if every Canadian joins us in living The Good Life," said Langer.

You can start Living The Good Life today. Visit wwf.ca for more information.

This news release and associated material can be found on wwf.ca.

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