SOURCE: Worldwide Superabrasives, LLC

Worldwide Superabrasives, LLC

February 26, 2015 12:40 ET

WWSA and S.P.O.C. Introducing the Proto LXRD

BOYNTON BEACH, FL--(Marketwired - Feb 26, 2015) - Worldwide Superabrasives, LLC and S.P.O.C. (Superabrasives Process Optimization Center) has continued its commitment and passion for quality control, utilizing state of the art residual stress measurement capabilities with the acquisition of a leading residual stress mapping machine -- the Proto LXRD.

Benefits of Measuring Residual Stress
Measuring residual stress after grinding tests allows accurate assessment of wheel and process performance -- a key factor in manufacturing superior parts. Visual assessment of a part cannot determine whether a part has sustained induced stress or burn, both of which can affect part performance. Knowing the type of residual stress that remains on a part is highly important in the manufacture of high quality automotive, aerospace and power generating equipment. By utilizing the Proto LXRD we can maintain the highest standards of quality control by closely analyzing samples that we grind for residual stress.

Key Features of the Proto LXRD
Manufactured by the leading name in residual stress mapping, the Proto LXRD uses sophisticated X-ray technology and enhanced detection software to accurately create a detailed map of residual stress. We can measure residual stress on sample parts that we grind to reveal any subsurface damage or burn. The Proto LXRD leads the way in residual stress measurements with:

  • Robust, heavy-duty design primed for industrial use

  • Fast, durable X-ray detectors that do not deteriorate over time

  • Unique modular goniometer system (patent pending)

  • Advanced onboard chiller / heater to maintain optimum performance of X-ray tubes

  • Wide range of X-ray apertures to enable measurement of odd-shaped parts

  • The latest XRDWin 2.0 software for unparalleled data collection and accurate residual stress analysis

Leading the way in Quality Control
Through utilization of enhanced quality control instruments such as the Proto LXRD, Worldwide Superabrasives can further its commitment to excellent testing standards. We are proud to be an innovator in implementing the strictest and most advanced quality control measures to reassure our customers of our integrity and to ensure superior testing every time.

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