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June 18, 2010 13:53 ET Dr. David B. Samadi, MD Celebrates Father's Day With "A Gift of Life From a Son to His Father"

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 18, 2010) -  Spreading the word about prostate cancer awareness, screening and prevention is the primary goal of Dr. David B. Samadi, Chief of Robotics and Minimally Invasive Surgery at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. Curing prostate cancer is his mission and this Father's Day, he asks you to help him spread the word about early detection and regular screenings as a way to stay ahead of a disease that is known as the "silent killer."

What most people don't know is that prostate cancer is no longer an "old man's disease." Dr. Samadi has treated patients as young as 39. Recently, Samadi was inspired by the story of a 46-year old patient. He shares excerpts of this patient's testimonial below:

"At the age of 46, I received the most devastating news of my life, a formal diagnosis of prostate cancer. Being a very healthy and active individual, this was hard to comprehend at first. After the shock, I immediately thought of my family, my two beautiful daughters and my wife for 25 years. Cancer does not just affect the person with the disease; it affects everyone who loves them. After speaking with my family, the next step was to speak with my parents, to tell them that their son had cancer. Little did we know that, because of my diagnosis, my father, at the age of 67, would also be diagnosed with the same disease."

"It is for precisely this reason that I advise early intervention as preventive medicine," said Dr. Samadi, "Had it not been for this young man's diagnosis, his own father's cancer may not have been detected." However, Samadi says prostate cancer is not necessarily a death sentence. If caught early enough, prostate cancer has a cure rate of over 90%. Because of this, Samadi's patient's story has a happy ending.

"It is now Father's Day 2010 and both my father and I have recovered and all tests show us to be cancer free. There is no better way to celebrate Father's day than to be with your Dad and your own children. Thanks to regular testing and early intervention and the skill of Dr. David Samadi, both my Dad and I look forward to being cancer free and celebrating many future Father's Days. So enjoy the Day with your dad and the rest of your family, get your PSA checked and do not be fearful. Be confident that you can and will beat prostate cancer with the right medical care and early detection. Thanks Dad for the first gift of life and thanks to Dr. David Samadi for making sure we both got a second chance."

Each patient is different and should work with their doctor to find the optimal prostate cancer treatment options, says Dr. Samadi. He encourages prostate surgery via a robotic prostatectomy as the most thorough option, one that he personally performs from beginning to end. "It is the only option that allows for the entire removal of the cancer without damaging the surrounding tissues, thereby reducing impotence and incontinence," says Samadi, "Sexual function and continence can be successfully spared by more experienced, high-volume surgeons especially when it comes to robotic surgery, experience counts. After all, it is the surgeon that does the surgery, not the robot alone."

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly one out of every five American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime. It is the second-most common cancer in American men. "The take-away lesson this Father's Day, and every day, is that while there are many different treatments for prostate cancer: screening and early detection is the best defense in the war against this disease."

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