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June 22, 2010 13:06 ET Health Options Worldwide Launches Its New Medical Tourism Website

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - June 22, 2010) -  Health Options Worldwide (HOW), an international and domestic healthcare marketplace, has launched a new interactive medical tourism website, which enables users to anonymously search healthcare providers worldwide offering fixed rates for treatments. Founded in 2008, Health Options Worldwide was formed in response to the growing medical travel industry to develop solutions for the rising costs of healthcare.

The HOW website is a resource for physicians, hospitals, employers, and patients. Physicians and hospitals participate free of charge so they can showcase cost and quality for routine medical issues to complex surgical procedures both at home and abroad, allowing them to provide benefits directly to the patient. HOW does not charge medical providers to participate, which allows for unbiased information. HOW healthcare providers agree to their terms and conditions, at which point they are eligible to receive patient inquiries and they can communicate directly with patients. However, they request these providers offer discounted rates on the website and honor every quote that is confirmed via their Virtual Office.

The HOW website is a medical tourism agency that allows patients to research, request, and reserve medical treatments. HOW handles all requests from vacation surgeries, knee replacements, weight loss or cosmetic surgery and even complicated issues like cardiovascular or spine procedures. Patients can use the search function to search for low cost surgery and treatment providers based on cost, quality, experience, treatment needed, and geographical location. The site uses groundbreaking technology to match medical tourism healthcare providers with prospective patients. Patients enter specific criteria, which is compared to HOW's database of health care providers.

HOW generates low cost surgery results to patients and sends them to those healthcare providers matching the criteria. Patients simply select a procedure and choose the medical tourism healthcare providers that are matched to their search criteria. Subsequently, they can request price quotes and book treatments anywhere in the world, even in their own neighborhood, from the privacy of their home. Users create an account only when they wish to receive a personalized price quote for a procedure. HOW even helps users with payments through partnerships with financing companies.

Medical tourism, or medical travel, is the emerging practice of traveling in order to obtain faster and, in many cases, lower cost surgery. Medical travel is intended to reduce costs and increase quality of affordable global healthcare. According to a study, over 750,000 Americans left the country in 2007 and spent $2.1 billion on cheaper medical treatments overseas. Medical travel is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 20%-25%. By 2017, close to 23 million Americans will seek surgery abroad.

"In these days of healthcare reform, HOW simply wishes to offer people the care they need but can't afford, be it overseas or right here at home," says David Goldstein, HOW President. "HOW's free medical resource is intended to improve healthcare quality while reducing costs for American patients suffering from treatable conditions by giving them the tools to find excellent medical providers, both domestically or internationally."

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