February 04, 2010 14:00 ET Selects the Top Ten Cars for 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - February 4, 2010) - Hispanic panel selects the Top Ten Cars for 2010. Once again the question to (ask Ricardo) is: which is the best car to buy this year? Truth is, there is not one single car that can satisfy all consumers. From the family car to the sports car there are so many good cars and their attributes are very different.

For our 8th year of Top Ten Cars we assembled a group of influential Hispanics to review and compare which new cars offered the best value for the intended segment. The panel included: Casper Canul (pro-drifter); Roger Gutierrez (car designer); Hector Cademartori (Automotive Artist); Ricardo Rodriguez-Long (Award Winning journalist); Luz Beltran (Radio host); Gerardo Lorenz (Radio Host); Joey Cabrera (Aftermarket Specialist/Motul oil); and Pedro Serramalera TV producer-Mazda Series Latinoamerica).

The Top Ten best buys offer innovative engineering, good exterior design as well as best in class ergonomics, excellent ride, outstanding fit and finish, and complete content packaging, all at a competitive price.

By segment here is the 2010 Auto A Fondo Top Ten:

American Sedan:       Ford Taurus
American Muscle:      Chevrolet Camaro
Luxury Car:           Buick Lacrosse
Convertible:          Porsche Boxster
Diesel:               VW Golf TDI
SUV:                  Lincoln MKX
2 door:               Kia Forte
4 door:               Suzuki Kazashi
5 door:               Mazda 3 mazdaspeed
Truck:                Ford F150

With the Ford Taurus, the American manufacturer re-establishes its position in the segment. Plenty of technology has been incorporated into the car and the V6 Ecotech is one of the best engines in the industry. We really liked this car.

The much anticipated return of the Camaro is great for the muscle car market. Everyone liked the look and sound. The design is just with the right amount of retro style to make every Chevy fan grin (and the Ford and Dodge crew squint their eyes). Let the V8s roar.

The Buick Lacrosee is a tremendous step in the right direction for GM from exterior styling to interior luxury. This car delivers in a way that surprised everyone in the luxury market. It gives Lexus and Mercedes a run for their money.

The Boxster has everything a sports car can have, incredible history, outstanding performance, advanced technology, and race car feedback. No car can provide all of this for the same price.

The Diesel segment keeps growing and it counts for 50% of the European market. The new VW with its engineering marvel is ahead of its rivals in America. Still the best resale value in the industry.

Kia delivers a compact 2 door that offers modern styling, good content and great value. The new Forte Coupe demonstrates that this Korean firm understands the need and can deliver a strong package to match the established Japanese and American brands in the segment.

Without question the Suzuki Kazashi is the surprise of the year. Not because no one expected such a good car from this Japanese car maker, but it could become a new benchmark in terms of performance and value. A car very well done.

The Mazda 3 series five door has been loved by the consumer and the media. This Hatchback has the performance, interior space and design to please a family as well as the sportiest of drivers. The best Zoom-Zoom example in the market.

And finally the number one selling vehicle in America does it again. The Ford F150 delivers what the average consumer wants. And it's hard to argue with the numbers, with over 700,000 sold a year, this truck is yet again the American truck! is the blog from automotive expert and ASE certified mechanic, Ricardo Rodriguez-Long. Since 1990 Hispanic consumers and OEM have consulted with Ricardo about car maintenance with the goal of extending the life of their automobile. This blog is part of, a webpage in Spanish language dedicated to all things automotive which attracts over 30,000 consumers a month.

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